Yoshi's Island Wii U - First Gameplay Footage

Here's the first gameplay footage of Yoshi's Island on the Wii U!

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IAMERROR1918d ago

that style really suits yoshi IMO

NukaCola1918d ago

The yarn/LBP style is awesome. Kirby's Epic Yarn was artistically excellent and this looks great. Wii U hardware isn't all to shabby after all.

morkendo231918d ago

we gamers waited since 1998 for little big planet slash/yarn style yoshi????? NINTENDO!!!!! WAS EXCITED for wii-u til seen the video.

Apex131918d ago

This is a very good Nintendo Direct and I am getting excited.

iamnsuperman1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

This looks good but I can't help but see Kirby's Epic Yarn in it. It artistic style is almost identical. They might as well have done another Kirby

metroid321918d ago

If u can't notice the graphical upgrade ur simply blind sorry yoshi's yarn looks incredible wow.

iamnsuperman1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

I never said it was graphically the same. I said "artistic style" not it looks like a Wii game. Of course it is a graphical improvement but what I am saying is they have taken the Kirby's Epic Yarn style (which sold) and just applied it to another Nintendo character. I would rather see them go a different direction with Yoshi and just release this game as another Kirby game because the STYLE is exactly the same

dark-hollow1918d ago

Most of today's games follow the same bland brown and grey art style, so why complain about only two games that share the same art style?

Pozzle1918d ago

At the start of the video Iwata says the same team behind Epic Yarn is behind this Yoshi game, so it's bound to look a little similar.

EddieNX 1918d ago

Its supposed to be like Epic yarn.... it's by the same team and is basically a Yoshi version.

Did you not watch the direct ? And yeah the graphics of this or an entirely different level to the 480p epic yarn...

jacksheen00001918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

Agreed, I don't like the yarn graphic art style in Yoshi's Island. I hope Nintendo go with a toy story look instead.

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metroid321918d ago

So Xenoblade 2,Mario Galaxy3,Mariokart WiiU,Yoshi's yarn,Wind Waker Hd,ect are all new wow,i'm excited.

LastXeno1918d ago

Who else thought this looked like Little Big Planet? which is not bad

ElectricKaibutsu1918d ago

I noticed that, and even though Nintendo did a similar art style with Kirby, I know we're going to hear a lot of people calling it a rip off.

Veneno1918d ago

Dude even the Yoshi model looks like Sackboy.

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The story is too old to be commented.