Demo showdown: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

EuroGamer: "Digital Foundry puts the Xbox 360 and PS3 samplers to the sword."

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DevilishSix1951d ago

I played demo last night and really enjoyed it. A friend of mine didn't and complained about the lack of a dodge button. I agreed with his point, but I explained that the in air strong attack (in air Y) attacks as a homing attack on your enemy and ninja sprint gets you out. Although its not as simple as a dodge, it works the same way. I also noticed that Raiden can take more punishment then your typical character, like Dante for example, cause he is part Cyborg. So, I think the game will be great and Platinum Games never fails me so Day One for me.

DevilishSix1951d ago

Not to sound dumb but x + square? I know parry is LS + X but what is square on 360?

Mocat1950d ago

it's forward + square or forward + X

Hanso1951d ago

ps3 wins
no tearing
better resolution cutscenes

Ezz20131950d ago

it seems as P*games wanted to make up for it mistake with ps3 version bayoneta

since then all it games run and look better on ps3

R1CAN6171951d ago

I fell in love with the Demo

Fishy Fingers1951d ago

Reads like there's very little in it, PS3 having better cutscenes but gameplay wise, a good multiplat. Played it on the 360 last night and really enjoyed it. Probably pick it up for the PS3. But whichever platform, your not going to feel like you've been short changed.

hulk_bash19871951d ago

Yup when multiplat developers do a good job, fanboys have nothing to talk about. I love it.

THC CELL1951d ago

Good demo but my ps3 version looks better than the one shown.some how

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The story is too old to be commented.