Media Create hardware sales (1/14 - 1/20)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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dc11645d ago

Man. The 3DS is like golden skiddles for Nintendo. They just cannot not do well.

:). ( I see what I did there...)

insomnium21645d ago

WiiU already dropped below PS3? Is there an explanation to this?

miyamoto1645d ago

affordable price and games mean everything in that chart

DivineAssault 1645d ago

im sure someone will come up with something.. it dropped below PS3 weeks ago man.. Depending on price, PS4 may be in the same boat.. Unless they launch with awesome games & everyone goes crazy

knifefight1644d ago

No game releases since launch. Nothing scheduled until February. New software sells new hardware, and right now there's no new software.

drsnoopyseussdog1645d ago

I notice that Europe and US seem to always have much higher sales in hardware compared to Japan.

drsnoopyseussdog1642d ago

No need for rudeness. It wasn't a question, it was a statement expressing a point

DarkHeroZX1641d ago

Sorry, wasn't trying to be an ass. Its the internet so its hard to express emotion.