Four New Splinter Cell: Blacklist Screenshots Released

Ubisoft has released four brand new screenshots of Splinter Cell: Blacklist via game's official Facebook Page.

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Raiz1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

yes it really look horrible... i was expecting better showing from Blacklist, but if this is the case with the game than i will rather invest my $60 at some other place

RickHiggity1948d ago

It's also pretty much the same dumbed down shart as Conviction. Because making a super simple game will magically sell more copies.

ExitToExisT1948d ago

conviction was 540p on xbox so, this will probably be like that too.

Stoppokingme1948d ago

Splinter Cell peaked at chaos theory. Unless the series goes back to it's roots i won't be playing another Splinter Cell game.