PS4 and Xbox 720: AMD Talks About Next Gen Hardware

In its recent quarterly report AMD talks about upcoming "semi custom APUs". The company expects to increase the sales of these chips by the end of the year. Both PS4 and Xbox 720 could use these APUs from AMD.

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Mkai281912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

I would've liked it to rather be this article
And this..

Persistantthug1912d ago

KAZ has basically said, THERE IS NO PS4 FINALIZATION SPECS......basically.

So all the rumors of PS4 are basically bullsh17, because now No one knows what it will be, and nor when it will release.
But's it seems increasingly unlikely that it will be in holiday 2013.

kneon1912d ago

Why is it increasingly unlikely? AMD says they will see revenue for these chips later this year. So assuming that the custom chips referred to are in fact going into the PS4/ then we're looking at a release of at least one console no later than Q1 2014.

And of course Kaz is going to say the specs aren't finalized. He want to ensure that we can't trust any rumors, it's likely that some are true, but we don't know which ones.

ravinash1912d ago

It could just mean that their in talks and there is a time line that they have to stick to.
It's possible to make changes this late before going into production

hellvaguy1912d ago

Anticipation level just got raised after reading this. Amazing hardware going into PS4 and 720.

PC gamers gotta be happy to with stonger console ports and software that will inevitably result from next gen consoles.

decrypt1912d ago

Latest reports point toward a 7850 being used for the Dedicated GPU. If history is anything to go by it probably will be a stripped down version.

Check this Chart out a 7850 max utilization needs about 106 watts of power.

I dont think they will be equipping a console with that power hungry of a GPU. It probably will get stripped down.

100 Watts might be the total power consumption of the console, I think it would be best to wait and see how power hungry the next consoles are. MS and Sony will do their best to give as little info on the hardware as possible. As they would rather confuse the crowd with marketing terms instead.

Console makers generally dont give out specs.

How powerful the next consoles will be, we can get an idea based on the Size of the box shown off, and power requirements.

If the box is cramped and has low power requirements expect an under powered console the opposite is true if the boxes are large and have a heavy power requirement. I would be amused if the next consoles had an overall requirement of atleast 200watts of power.

hellvaguy1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

We just take the console specs with a grain of salt because they aren't official, but speculation is probably gunna be pretty close at this point.

The other thing I would say is that even though on paper console specs wont impress hardcore pc builders, optimization is far stronger on consoles. Whereas pc software typically rely on raw horsepower to make pretty graphics, consoles devs maximize the hardware to the fulliest.

Just look at the past 1-2 years in console games as proof. Uncharted and Halo 4 are absolutely stunning and no way could 7 year old pc tech accomplish that.

My recent PC (and first solo) build:
I7 3770k, 8gb ram, 670 nividia, 256gb ssd, seasonic 760W, Corsair H100i, and housed in Corsair 600T ftw.

T9001912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

"Just look at the past 1-2 years in console games as proof. Uncharted and Halo 4 are absolutely stunning and no way could 7 year old pc tech accomplish that."

Are you saying a 8800GTX couldnt accomplish games like Uncharted and Halo 4? I would bet it would easily be able to run those games in 1080p(where consoles only manage 720p or below).

Console optimization is a Myth. Most of the time it equals to reducing Resolution, AA, Filtering, Textures etc.

A little example for you, download Batman AA on PC as a Demo download the same game on PS3 as a Demo, the PC version is 1.7gigs meanwhile PS3 version is only 720mb, What does that tell you. The PS3 version uses lower res Textures.

Take out any multiplat from the last 5 years, run the same game on any console then run it on a PC equipped with a 8800GTX. I can assure you 8800GTX will rofl stomp the console version even though its 6 years old now.

Hence if console optimization was so good it would be beating out that old hardware which it doesnt.

ABizzel11912d ago


It's rumored to be a powered down 7970M, which should be on par with a HD 7850, since the 7970M is based on the HD 7870.

However, if true the consoles will easily outperform the 7850 regardless due to their nature of focusing all components on GAMING. They should be close to 7870 - 7950 performance, in 3 years time.

kwyjibo1912d ago

Hopefully, if both consoles are using PC-style parts, we can cut out all the press release CPU technical powerhouse revolution bullshit.

Remember when the PS3 came out, and the forums were filled with "POWER OF THE CELL!", "Supercomputer on a chip!".

Now when next gen comes out, they'll all be like, "Mid-Range PC Specs!", "AMD! A good power-price compromise".

SprigganN4G1912d ago

The new market aint focused in cutting edge hardware anymore, is just about profit and unification with the PC Gaming.

2005 Xbox 360 = "Ultra End" CPU, High End GPU
2013 Xbox/Xbox8 = Low end LAPTOP CPU, Low/Mid end GPU

One factor to have in mind, if they had to put a high end AMD CPU (FX8350) and a high end AMD GPU (7970/7950), the entire sistem would be a WATTAGE HUNGRY BEAST with 125w CPU + 480w (full load) GPU, that's just TOO MUCH for a console.

Consider the 2005 Xbox 360 consumed 203w and was a complete hardware disaster with a failure rate of 60%. (consider too that generation of 2005's 90nm GPUS was SHIT, back in 2006 i had a X1800XT and a 7900GT and BOTH cards had artifacts in a short period of time)

Drekken1912d ago

You HAVE a caps LOCK problem.

dcbronco1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Most of the rumors have been about low watt APUs. They won't be near the 200 watts on the 360. Plus the next consoles will introduce APU's that will be the closest on the market to full HSA machines. In traditional computing they seem middle of the road. But if they are HSA, they will be far more powerful than the specs would lead you to think.

The GPUs won't be the story.

chukamachine1912d ago

T900 of course a 8800gtx could power uncharted 3 etc, and could use higher af,aa rez etc.

I think the difference is, when the 7800gtx, or similar came out, there was nothing that looked like uncharted 3.

Yes the 7800gtx ran doom3,farcry,hl2 at great speeds.

But it also had more then double the bandwidth of the PS3.

And those games mentioned, do not look as good as Uncharted imo, although they are great games. Farcry is the best of those.

As for cell, nothing wrong with it, but your only ever as fast as the gpu graphics wise. Had PS3 not came with extra extra usb memory, ps2 hardware, they could have put a better gpu in. Would have cost less and ran better.

Sli is a waste in many games.

1 gpu is the way to go.