THQ Assets Sale: Volition Inc To Be Sold; Ubisoft Could Be Potential Buyer

If you have been following the goings on in the gaming industry lately, you’ll know that THQ has been in trouble. By trouble, we don’t mean your average “disappointing release” trouble that every major publisher gets hit by every year. No, we mean full on, end of the company trouble. THQ has gone through many attempts at trying to save their sinking ship lately, including a 1-for-10 Reverse Stock Split so that they could stay on the NASDAQ, and more recently filing for bankruptcy.

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Enmson1196d ago

Rockstar should buy it and make Saints Row 4 XD

iamnsuperman1196d ago

Ha no. Rockstar isn't the same company is was. They have matured a lot

Who ever gets Saint's Row please still make the thing ridiculous. I don't want it turn GTA nor do I want GTA to turn Saints Row.

LoudHawk1196d ago

Well, they would be buying Volition Inc. so it would be the same people who would be making it.

NYC_Gamer1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

No,Saints Row should be bought by another 3rd party and continue to be competition...R* have enough sandbox franchises and i'm sure they are creating a brand new one sooner or later...

shivvy241196d ago

Sad to see this happen to devs

BlaqMagiq241196d ago

So Saint's Row and Red Faction might fall into the hands of Ubisoft huh?

Darth Stewie1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

The sale occurred already but not info on who won the bids were released yet.

TheGameHuntah1196d ago

I'll be OK if Ubisoft keep most of the franchises.

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