LEGO City: Undercover trailer

New LEGO City: Undercover trailer

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LOL_WUT1917d ago

Pretty cool gameplay and the visuals look really good! This should be under every Wii U owners must buy list. ;)

Whoever submitted it why didn't he/she just attached the video in the description? It's a little annoying when they don't do this.

Eldyraen1917d ago

Looks perfect for anyone that has children, are a child at heart still, or just open to a good time. Nostalgic for Lego time as a kid now ;) Pretty much, if you own a Wii U, there is a good chance you can fine some reason to buy this game.

Eldyraen1917d ago

This game looks so cool, a family friendly Lego based GTA pretty much (in the sense of open world, story driven gameplay with sandbox to do your own thing in--at least according to this trailer). Almost wish I had a Wii U as just looks fun (if you like other Lego games especially). I can really see this game doing well if it plays half as good as it looks.

Venox20081917d ago

now this trailer really made me to buy this game :D

DivineAssault 1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Nope... The Marvel lego game looks pretty fun tho.. Retro rampage is as comical as it gets for gta games to me..

Studio-YaMi1917d ago

Looks good but .. why does the game sometimes feels like it's moving in slow motion !?

Has anyone noticed that too ??

deadfrag1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

Its an effect in the game,it only happens when making cinematic fighting movES.

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