Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - PSN & Xbox Demo Is Now Out

Update : The North America demo is now available on PSN and Xbox Live. Download today and prepare to 'Cut what you will'!

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AusRogo2149d ago

Game is soo good! Platinum Games <3

fei-hung2149d ago

This gem has been preordered! PG and Kojima duo is like a fanboys wet dream.

Hope it sells well so we can get a sequel on the next gen consoles.

KangarooSam2149d ago

Really wanna play it. But my PS3 has probably downloaded and installed around 15 gigs today thanks to that update and those sales. Think it needs a rest. Thanks Sony. :P

dmN_1142148d ago

You should really do that if you have some space again before release. I made a walkthrough from the Z.o.E. Demo before so you could check that one out too. P* games and Kojima P. will deliver with this game for sure.

bayonetta2149d ago

is it the same ZOE HD Demo ? =o

black9112149d ago

I'm at work I'll let it download on my PS3 when I get home while im asleep with PS plus.

DivineAssault 2149d ago

Someone i know will ignorantly say its a crappy game JUST because its not on wii u even though platinum games is making bayonetta 2 lol.. Then Bayo 2 will be awesome & the best game he ever played, even tho he never played the first & said it sucked before lol.. People never cease to amaze me sometimes..

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The story is too old to be commented.