Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Custom PS3 Themes And MGS4 Raiden Skin Info Is Coming

Kojima posted some cool looking custom MGR PS3 themes which will come with the PS3 console bundle package for Japan. Total of 6 but only 4 he has been posted so far.

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LackTrue4K1854d ago

Wow!!!! I love them wallpapers!!! I have not changed my Dynamic Killzone 3 theme that came with my Special edition of the game. ^_^
I think it will place for this

Blastoise1854d ago

Second to last one and the first look best in my opinion.
pretty cool

Crystallis1854d ago

Those wallpapers are Awesome. i wonder how everyone else beside japan will get them? The last one is just Epic.

SAE1854d ago

The third one is great. i hate police lol . they are mercenaries in my country xD ..