DmC: Devil May Cry SSS ranking tips

The illustrious DmC SSS ranking is no walk in the park. Here are some tips to help your leaderboard ranking.

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Snookies121943d ago

It... Really is... If the demo is anything to go by, it's nothing compared to previous entries in the series...

zerocrossing1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I've finished the game, believe me you don't need any tips for getting SSS...

I actually mixed my weapon combos up by switching them back and forth in the end to keep it a challenge, but if you're spamming attacks with the Demon axe weapon it's ridiculously easy to get SSS.

Blacktric1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I can also confirm that it's easy as long as there are more than 4-5 enemies around. Just use the Arbiter and Rebellion and you'll get SSS in no time. Arbiter's shockwave attack especially makes it easier. Also for bossfights, parrying is the key to getting SSS. As long as you get the timing right, which is somewhat easy, it's a walk in the park.

Hanso1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

demon dodge spam+ axe there you go noob game at its finest
also dont get hit because style doesnt drop on its own LMAO

The_Devil_Hunter1941d ago

If I remember correctly the style meter didnt drop either in DMC4. Not trying to protect this "accessible/easy as hell" game but just to let you guys know.

Tony-Red-Grave1940d ago

or just a noob strategy. Thats like saying Royal Guard+jump canceling= instant SSS

kesvalk1942d ago

>hit the enemy 2 times
>say "fuck you" very loud

nugnugs1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Do any of these "Journalists" actually have their ear to the ground? After all the complaints about how easy it is to get SSS, we get this.
If its not a walk in the park, what is it?
A stumble in the garden?

Whitefox7891941d ago

A slight trip on a very tiny pebble.