Final Fantasy x(10) HD Changes To The Game

"Final fantasy 10 (X) was one of the first PlayStation 2 games to feature voice. Every character was given a voice. Square Enix did one hell of a job creating this game and it was one of their best games ever next to final fantasy 7. The battle system in final fantasy 10(X) was unique and brought about a new element to the RPG world where summons known as Aeon in the game would stay in battle until you either dismiss them or they faint. A game that will never die and it is no wonder Square Enix wants to bring back the game."

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sinncross1886d ago

I know this may sound weird but I really hope they redesign the Main Menu. I always thought FFX title menu was a little... whats the word... it seemed unfinished and like a quick beta menu that was meant to be replaced. I dunno... I think it needed something simpler and sleeker looking.

SpaceFox1885d ago

Yeah I mean.. why not? Wouldn't be difficult at all for them to make a redesigned and sleeker main menu.

1885d ago
gman_moose1885d ago

I love when I click on a story thinking I'm about to read something informative, and instead it's just speculation by some idiot. Who approves these? He told me nothing I didn't already know, and some things he has no proof to back up.... *clap clap*

Runa2161885d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. To make it worse, he even has some flat-out wrong information. "I think it's only coming out on Vita but they might make it for the PS3". No, pretty sure it was said to be on PS3 and PSV.

though the 'changes to the sphere grid' make me happy. I know this is a pathetic rumor with no basis behind it, but I really hope we get the International Sphere grid. I hear it was much better than the one we initially got in the original NA release.

Old McGroin1884d ago

@ gman_moose

Thanks buddy, saved me a click!

Irishguy951884d ago

Well, this is the international version Runa. That's what they said they were redoing and rereleasing. So we should have it's Sphere grid.

BinaryMind1884d ago

The guy who wrote this obviously hasn't heard of punctuation either.

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LordHiggens1885d ago

Oh look this game still exists that's about some news regarding Versus? No? Okay...*goes back into dark corner*

guitarded771885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

HOW DARE YOU QUESTION THE ALMIGHTY SQUARE/ENIX!!! Now we have to wait another 2 years because you asked :(

LightSamus1885d ago

This is becoming like Half-Life 3 now, isn't it? XD

Chard1885d ago

This is the first news I've heard about FFX HD since TGS 2011. And this article says the game is due late 2013 or 2014, what's taking so damn long????

tarbis1885d ago

+1 for the both of you =D

animegamingnerd1885d ago

god damn it wada he was the worst thing to ever happen to japanese games

_-EDMIX-_1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

You know its sad when they can't even port a damn game on time. Its not looking them look like they are perfectionist....its just making them look like they are unable to make games on time.

They have some serious management problems going on at Square.

Kamikaze1351885d ago

Square-Enix said that a lot of their HD games were delayed 2-3 years because of Final Fantasy XIV:ARR. They pulled a lot of developers from other games to work on XIV. I don't think we'll hear much about Versus XIII and FFX till XIV is out or right before release.

LordHiggens1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Square doesn't seem to know how to chop off a dead they pridefully carry it with them and whenever they turn it slaps fans in the face. They don't even have the common courtesy to apologize either they just keep on swinging away.

Chard1885d ago

The delays of this game and Versus would usually irritate me to no end, but after seeing Monolith's new Wii U Xeno game today, I've actually stopped caring :)

N4GDgAPc1885d ago

Well techically there has been no delays becasue they never gave u a release date^^ They just like to reveal there games way early into development some reason. Vs13 was revealed when They really haven't even started developing the game. Mostly just had a cool cg movie. Thats way to early.

TheDivine1885d ago


Hire someone to port the damn thing and presto, more money a couple years sooner. He'll port 12 afterwords. That is all.

N4GDgAPc1885d ago

That would never happen and I hope they don't do that. I hope they actually do a true hd remastered instead of just making it wide screen and have anti-aliasing. I want them to retexture everything or retouch it for higher resolution. I just don't want a regular port. I haven't seen one hd remastered do this yet.

And it would be nice if it was in 3d. That is just something extra that would be awsome for someone like me with a 3d tv^^

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Kur01885d ago

They're too busy making shitty iOS games.

DragonKnight1884d ago

I wouldn't listen to this news if I were you.

For one, there is no source at all. Two, they don't know that FFXHD is coming to the PS3 and Vita, they only mention the Vita version and said "they might make it for PS3." It was announced for both platforms.

People, when you approve articles, actually read them and fact check to see if they are worth putting up on the site. This stuff shouldn't be allowed through.

hkgamer1884d ago

I hardly this as news for ffx at all.

just some idiot who can't really write at all, talk about what he thinks and pretty much states the obvious.

Just sucks that crappy articles get approved on this site all the time, especially the ones that gets attention because of the title.

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kalkano1885d ago

The author seems to make a few assumptions, that I really doubt have any basis in fact.

Specifically, "I am just as eager to see a remake of final fantasy 7 but that will take a long time to make. No doubt that square enix is working on it. Most likely it will be release for the playstation 3 and if time comes for the new console release it will also be release for the PS4."

DrJones1884d ago

The author seems to be a retard.

42LevelOne1885d ago

Also very misleading as the title says ff x hd release date and at the bottom of the article it says no release date yet? Wtf?

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