Why DmC Didn't Get a 9.0

IGN - Go behind the review and find out why IGN thought Dante's adventure was "great" and not "amazing."

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Ezio20481913d ago

as if we care ign........

Hoje03081913d ago

Your indifference is obvious. I mean, it's not as if you took the time to click on the link and then comment.
On topic: The performance issues cited by the reviewer don't seem all that bad from the videos posted by Digital Foundry. Anyone have noticeable framerate issues on PS3?

OmegaSlayer1913d ago

No screen tear, just some almost unnoticeable frame drops, 2 hiccups in transitioning between a cutscene in engine and pre-rendered (one was in chapter 15 when Mundus unleashes)
Though I must say I swapped my HDD with a 7200 RPM (Western Figital 500GB) and I suffer way less problems than I read in review, I have less pop-ups, shorter loading times, shorter installation times, less frame drops and the such.
I could play Skyrim without almost any problem even pre 1.01 patch for example.

NewMonday1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

the funny thing I find is that 0.5 is the difference between "great" and "amazing"

edit: come to think of it I din't know how how "amazing" is better in the scale than "great", or the order of wonderful, fantastic, splendid, marvelous

showtimefolks1913d ago

So it's not enough to review and than give a explanation on why it didn't score higher? Maybe you should send this to NT so they can improve on this for the sequel

I guess to generate his you have to provide something but I believe the resources over at ign could have been put to better use

Like whats gonna happen to THQ within next 24-48hrs

Y_51501913d ago

So they wanted to be "Great" not "Amazing"?


-Ikon-1913d ago

yup and more proof MGR will get a 9 :)

PS4isKing_821913d ago

Who cares. Shitty game is shitty. Nuff said.

csreynolds1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Unhappy troll will troll. Nuff said.

PS4isKing_821913d ago

Low standard person had low standards. Nuff said.

csreynolds1913d ago

Low standards? You know nothing about my standards. I merely called you on what you are based on your non-constructive contribution. If you can't take it, don't dish it out.

Clever response though. Your copy/paste skills are phenomenal.

TheGOODKyle1913d ago

I honestly don't care about IGN nor probably ever will and am stating this up front. So with that said, do we really need a video/article on how a video game didn't gain just one more point in an already flawed review system? I mean are they going to to this with every game.

"Now let's take a look at why Dead Space 3 got a 93, but not a 92."

^ I'm calling this scenario right now and it's pathetic.

Chard1913d ago

I clicked agree. Keep an eye out for my upcoming article about why I didn't click disagree.

Stoppokingme1913d ago

Why didn't they cover these issues in the original review?

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