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GameSpot: "The witty, beautiful, and endlessly creative Ni no Kuni is a treasure not to be missed."

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Merrill1944d ago

Good job, Gamespot; I agree

Merrill1944d ago

Be warned: Lots of spoilers in this review.

blitz06231944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Given GameSpot's recent track record of giving games lower scores than the average, this is a pleasant surprise. I noticed they started doing it after giving RE6 a 4.5. It's like they grew some balls and actually gave the games the scores they really think they deserve, regardless of them being AAA franchises or not

Treian1944d ago

Resident Evil 6 deserved it

NewMonday1944d ago

Ni no Kuni incredible scores and Journey GOTY awards should kill the conspiracy theory that reviewers have an-anti PS3 agenda, this game is one of the consistently highest rated in the last 12 months.

Irishguy951944d ago

Can't ****ing wait for this game, damn you US and Jp users.

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Julie1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Hahahaha awesome!
He was moaning and rambling on twitter about the game being too hard at times, but he also said he loved it!, he sounded a bit frustrated on twitter but i believe is because he really was having fun and raising lots of familiars, testing em, and stuff he seems a nice guy who really played the game! and took his time to enjoy (and curse lol) :)

I will have fun reading this review :)

Ty for the warning i won't watch the vid just read the review :)

Godchild10201944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

The difficulty does spike up a bit in chapter 3. I spent a good share just grinding away training my team because I couldn't beat or barely do damage to one of the bosses.

While your teammates are smart and can handle themselves in some cases, its best to use the tactics menu and purchase weapons for your familiars as often when you can.

My team has died a good amount of times because we were so underpowered and/or because the spike in difficulty was unexpected.

The game is enjoyable, but the if you don't like being thrown around and dying a bit, this game is not for you (Generally speaking). But it's worth trying because of the story and gameplay.

Julie1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Aha found it look at his rants :D

Seems genuine and i do love that the game gets pretty hard :O
I am a secret grindage lover and usually end overpowered in RPGs because of that. Btw 15% of the small 7gb file lmao D:

NewMonday1944d ago

JRPGs should have grind spots that have a good battle/exp ratio if you look off the main story path. I didn't play this game yet but I hope it has them.

LOL_WUT1944d ago

I haven't played the full game but man did I find the demo to be difficult. After being defeated like 6 times I slowly started to get the hang of it. I'm really looking forward to buying the full game.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1944d ago

good to have a ps3.. The Last Of Us is next in the line up.

Fatty1944d ago

I'm really surprised GS gave it such a high score (just based on how they usually score games) but I'm pleased.

Merrill1944d ago

I usually agree with them, they loved Demon's & Dark Souls.

-Alpha1944d ago

How do you mean? They seem to rate games fairly on par with most others.

I pretty much expected a solid score for Van Ord, he seemed to enjoy himself during the previews.

VsAssassin1944d ago

Awesome review, Gamespot! Now I just need to get out of work to play this again!

izumo_lee1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Watching this video review makes me wonder what the reviewers from Gameinformer & 1UP were playing cause it surely doesn't sound like they were playing what i am seeing.

Kevin vanOrd's reviews are usually very spot on with his opinions about a game. Yes he does mention there is some frustrations like the Gameinformer review but to him it is not gamebreaking ala the other review. His enthusiasm during this review proves to me that this game was everything i hoped it was going to be & i can't wait to play it myself.

I would love to see more video reviews from more sites thus giving some indication what some reviewers find not to their liking. Anyone can write a review & sprout whatever they want, but with a video review you have to show in detail what is right & wrong with a game.

Nivalis1944d ago

I think 1up's editor was hoping 'jealous anti-ps3 fanboys' would chime in and say it was a great, fair review, but virtually everyone commenting on the 1up review is calling shenanigans and saying the editor did it for hits, so yeah..

izumo_lee1944d ago

I didn't bother reading that review from 1up cause i pretty much know it was BS. Yeah i understand it is the reviewers opinions & they are entitled to it.

However when the majority of the reviews for this game is on the upper scores, to see something stating the game is mediocre is a far cry from everyone else. Either the genre is not something the reviewer takes seriously or they are missing the point of this game has to give.

Catoplepas1944d ago

I was expecting GameSpot to steamroll this.

I hold my hands up. I was wrong.

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