Wii U Virtual Console, GameCube Downloads to be Announced Tomorrow?

GenGAME writes: Nintendo is holding a special Wii U Direct tomorrow, which is set to focus on new Wii U games and services. GenGAME writer Alex Plant speculated that we might finally get word of the long-awaited Wii U Virtual Console service, and NeoGAF user Aquamarine believes the source code for the Nintendo Direct page in the UK supports this.

A quick search through the source code for the Nintendo Direct page reveals the phrase “wiiu_virtualconsole” as well as a number of references to older Nintendo systems, including “nintendo_gamecube.”

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legendoflex1826d ago

The GameCube listing looks like it's just one of the many systems they have in the database...but that's definitely a listing for a Wii U Virtual Console... Too bad it's unlikely we'll find any files just by digging...

Erimgard1826d ago

Ah well, only a few more hours to wait anyway.

guitarded771826d ago

I really hope they announce a trophy/achievement system for Wii U... not getting my hopes up, but just maybe. I still have my Cube and games... the only way I'd re-buy is if they were upgraded with HD and trophies. Hope they announce a couple new games in this Nintendo Direct.

DarkBlood1826d ago

so i should stay up a few more hours then?

guitarded771826d ago

@ DarkBlood

It's more than a few hours... 6am PST - 9am Eastern. I think I'll just watch a replay later in the day. I'm not an early bird.

Gr811826d ago

Nintendo treats the Wii U's VC will be paramount for them moving forward. I hope it becomes a treasure trove of gaming history. No more trickling of titles, just a whole log of old school games, and the ability to play VC games on the gamepad would be excellent. Also tie the games originally purchased on the Wii be able to be transferred to a true Wii U digital account system. That alone would boost the value and content of the system tenfold.

Erimgard1826d ago

Agreed on all accounts.
Nintendo has such a rich history of gaming content that they can't afford NOT to make all of their best classic titles available. It's practically free money, and it's a great way to keep the fans occupied while we wait for new content. Especially since people are complaining about a game drought.

DwightOwen1826d ago

TROLLS are complaining about a game "drought".

Erimgard1826d ago

Well yeah, the "drought" is no more severe on the Wii U than on any other system. But people will complain about almost anything. Having a strong VC library will help ease that.

legendoflex1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

I *believe* that all your Wii Shop purchases, when they transfer to a Wii U, must be tied to a Nintendo Network ID. At least, according to the ToS, this is required for all purchases you make through the shop on Wii U.

ElectricKaibutsu1825d ago

@Arius Dion
"How Nintendo treats the Wii U's VC will be paramount for them moving forward. I hope it becomes a treasure trove of gaming history."

Similar things were said about the Wii. I COMPLETELY agree with you of course, but I'm just pointing out that there was no reason they shouldn't have already had a vast gaming catalog available 5 years ago. I don't know why they didn't prioritize it before and I don't know why they would suddenly take interest in it now. Besides Mario and the rest of the IP gang, history is their one advantage over Sony and Microsoft. Here's hoping I'll finally be able to download Out Of This World.

IAmTheBest351825d ago

i absolutely love out of this world. i have been waiting for that game to be on there for 5 years. i can beat it in like 45 minutes.

landog1826d ago

resident evil 1 remake and zero?

baten kaitos as well please

BullyMangler1826d ago

Speaking of gamecube . . Why in the bloody heaven, has there not been a more graphically realistic looking game than Resident Evil 1 REMAKE for the Gamecube? . Its been like 10 freaking years since that game kame out and still nothing . . So much for 360 and ps3 power .. Nintendo will show this generation HOW TO USE POWER PROPERLY . THIS GONNA BE FUNNnn. Nintendos got all you fan-boys and girls by the nippLes . . .

deafdani1826d ago


Yeah, Resi Evil 1 for Gamecube looked superb... but to say there's not been better looking games since then is... just... what?

Uncharted games? Heavy Rain? God of War 3? Mass Effect games? Etc etc etc?

Seriously... what?

Also, how's that game a proof that Nintendo knows how to use power properly? Wasn't that game made by Capcom?

BullyMangler1826d ago

Yep. It was made by capcom . . On NINTENDO POWER . Uncharted looks good, but not as astonishing as res 1 for the cube. God of war 3 looks freaking cool, but not as aw-inspiring as res 1 for the gamecube . . . . Except that new metal gear solid game trailer . The new trailer with that guy and the burnt freddy kreuger looking face . . Now that traiLer is amazing . . Many many years have passed and barely, a game will come out to compete with the gamecubes power . . Dats pretty pathetic no?

ElectricKaibutsu1825d ago


Maybe he means as impressive as the Resident Evil 1 remake was at the time? Of course the games you mentioned look great but maybe he means they lack the wow factor that the RE1 remake had. It did look pretty good for the time... personally I think RE 4 looked better though.

Really, I'm just guessing :). He's like a windtalker.

MakiManPR1826d ago

DA FUQ are you saying!??

Where have you been this generation of consoles? Under a GameCube??

RogueStatus281826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes, Tales of Symphonia, Metroid Prime 1 and 2, and Wind Waker please?

EddieNX 1826d ago

F-ZERO GX, Luigi's mansion , Mario Sunshine , Mario Kart Double dash , Super smash bros melee , Starfox adventures (love that game) , Starfox assault , Waverace , 1080 avalanche , Pokemon XD and Gale of darkness , Star wars rogue squadron 2 and 3 , Mario golf toadstool tour , Mario power tennis , Baten kaitos , Lost kingdoms , Skies of arcadia legends , Super monkey ball 1 and 2 and pretty much endless other awesome games I can't think of.

I wish we could get PSO espisode 1 and 2 and PSO episode 3 card revouloution , but of course they're no longer online...

Venox20081825d ago

.. viewtiful joe 1 and 2 , kille 7, pikmin 1 and2, chibi-robo and many others please

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