Hideo Baba talks Tales of Xillia

As early as Summer of this year, the next chapter in the long-standing Tales video game franchise releases in North America for the PlayStation 3. Titled Tales of Xillia, the game's release will mark 15 years of Tales games, which began in 2006 with Tales of Phantasia.

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Snookies121673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Nice interview! Hideo Baba is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the game industry. His viewpoints on JRPGs and how he doesn't want to betray old fans for new ones is really admirable. Tales games will always be Tales games, which is very refreshing to hear. Cannot wait to support this game by pre-ordering the moment it's available. :]

TheSoundDefense1673d ago

With more or less two stories to explore, I wonder how long this particular title is.

SuperSonic2661673d ago

Cant wait for the EU Release!!! :D

Hanso1673d ago

me too
Im a new tales fan!
Graces f was my first now playing Abyss almost at the end i think.
I am super excited for Xillia 1