Watch This Guy Hilariously Terrorize People With An Assault Shield In Black Ops II

Kotaku: Step one: assault shield. Step two: combat axe. Step three: no fun allowed. It's the fun police, here to mess you up with one of the worst/best loadouts in Black Ops II.

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IAMERROR1883d ago

Wth, a COD loadout article?

*sees source*

Oh okay

BiggCMan1883d ago

This is news now?? I can easily browse Youtube for this, yet Kotaku feels the need to fish for hits for something that clearly does not need an article.

tigertron1882d ago

Can we just ban Kotaku already?

DragonKnight1882d ago

Kraptaku voted down and article reported as Lame.

IIC0mPLeXII1882d ago

Just what we needed in Black Ops 2. One more asshole just being a disruption.

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