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Analog Addiction Writes: "The Basics

God of War: Ascension is the first God of War game to offer any competitive online experience, although Kratos won't be playable in the multiplayer portion. It definitely mirrors the God of War gameplay we have come to expect.
Choosing A God

When you first start multiplayer you will be ask to align your character with 1 of 4 Gods, which can be changed if at any point your character returns to the area. Within the Beta we were allowed access to only two of the Gods: Ares, who gave your character boosts in melee damage and other strength focused abilities, and Zeus who improved elemental damage and gave players magical abilities. The other two Gods available are Hades and Poseidon, though their abilities were not shown during the Beta."

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LOGICWINS1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

"Sadly no appearance options for your character were present, so the basic “Jason Statham lookalike” seems to be the basis of our character, although this is only the Beta so this could change."

Yeah, I'd assume they'd at the very least let you customize your characters skin color in the final version.

"In the fast paced, 4-man battles that can occur on the map, it is very easy to lose your character amongst the carnage."

YES! I came in first place in a Favor of the Gods match yesterday and I'm pretty sure the guy who killed the Cyclops was me, except two other members of my team had the EXACT same upper, lower, and helmet armor as I I didn't really know if it was me. There needs to be more character customization.

Btw, can someone explain the Spear that lands in the middle of a match? It was my understanding that only the player on the winning team with the most favor could use that spear.

Jamiex661916d ago

The spear is used to kill the Cyclops enemy right? I never got it to be able to use it, but from what I could tell that was how.

LOGICWINS1916d ago

I'm gunna have ta do some research on that. Apparently, even people on the losing team can somehow grab the spear, kill the Cyclops, and win the match.

Jamiex661916d ago

Yeah as I said in the article, I had a team I was facing use the spear and win by defeating the Cyclops before the game ended.

fourOeightshark1915d ago

I've killed the Cyclops multiple times but it never ended the game, my team only gained like 1k points instead.

trenso11915d ago

the spear that appears allows which ever team that grabs it to kill the cyclops. killing the cyclops gives your team 1000 favor which could help if your losing. what ive seen most people do it grab the spear and go on a killing spree with to increase their teams favor to around 7000. If you do that then kill the cyclops the big cinematic where your whole team is killing him happens. if you kill the cyclops before having 7000 favor it only shows you. hope this helps also the spear does a lot of damage when thrown i think it only takes 2 throws to skill a person

FunAndGun1915d ago

^^ This is exactly right.

Once either team reaches 5000 favor, the spear comes down.

Anybody can pick up the spear from either team.

You get 1000 favor for killing Polyphemus.

If your team is over 7000 favor and you kill Polyphemus, you get the team cinematic that ends the game.

It is a good idea to be aware of the favor and plan to have full health and full magic around the time 5000 favor has been reached. This will help you pick up the spear or protect your teammate who is picking up the spear more effectively.

Also, the spear will be shielded when it first comes down and can't be picked up right away. If you are close to a capture altar it would benefit your team to capture that altar before going to retrieve the spear. Sometimes the battle for the spear can last awhile and if you make sure to capture altars before the battle for the spear takes place, you will be getting points for your team while everyone goes nuts by the spear. It can be a game changer at times. If the game is close, and you capture 2, or even better, 3 altars right before/shortly after the spear comes down, then you just have to protect the spear from the opposing team to win the game.

If they leave the spear to capture points, your team will get the spear. If they stay trying to get the spear, you will rack up points to win the game.

Dir_en_grey1915d ago

You can only kill cyclops if you have the spear, and only 1 guy can carry the spear, you kill cyclops by knocking him down and using the spear, so you'd know exactly if you killed it or not if you have the spear.

Killing cyclops counts as an offering towards the gods and gains you points just like anything else you do in multi-player, first team to how many ever points win, if it ends game means which ever team killed it gained enough points to win.

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Jamiex661916d ago

Yeah closed last night, couldn't get on once it hit midnight Pacific

TheKayle1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

new hardware (from both companies) is coming and we r still at gow ascension?...pls is ALREADY OLD...

(another failing marketing process from our loved sony)

go on neogaf,semiaccurate,vgleaks,be yond3d etc caring about this games? no one..

Baka-akaB1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

There is an Ascension beta thread on gaf right now with 11 pages and over 500 posts , plus other threads . That's how silly you look right now .

TheRealHeisenberg1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Some of us actually are excited for the game. Nobody forced you to come in and comment so feel free to stay the hell out in the future.

Ezz20131915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

on of your sites

seems like you wrong always
do you even go to those sites
GOWA HYPE is all over the Sites and forums
and they can't believe how good it look
take of your sunglasses ..because clearly you can't see or read

jut4201915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

@thekayle sounds like Kratos took you to a back room for a mini game

Baka-akaB1915d ago

and forced him to watch . Kratos wouldnt degrade himself further :p

TheKayle1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

yeah ..yeah to just a game going out on a 7 years old hardware as both console r

theres nothing to exciting...till we r talking about x360 and ps3 ...

my gaming from 1.5 years come from pc ( as i said more than 1 time i already sold the ps3 and keep the x360 just for the streming tv apps) where every ******* game appear wonderful compared to the console version (and im saying technically speaking)

and also if the storyline could be "COOL" the gameplay "SUPERCOOL" as u want...everytime i see something dedicated to this two console feel OLD to my eyes...

and IMHO if the gaming population would be more critic...probably the BIG in the industry would give more often what gamers ask....take that game with old AA ..low resolution low gfx and mid range what the mid gamer deserve

everyone is free to speak so enjoy the game waiting the E3 for new hardware

Ezz20131915d ago

yeah cool story bro
keep waiting ...-_-