160GB PS3 Slim Console to be Cleared out for $179.99 at Future Shop Starting on Friday, January 25th

If you were one of those people who missed out on buying a PS3 at $199.99 when Future Shop had it for that price on Boxing Day, we have some very good news for you.

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TrendyGamers1947d ago

I wonder how quickly they'll sell out?

Soldierone1947d ago

Depends of some Ebay jerk jumps in line and buys 50 of them to try and flip on Ebay.....

The same people that make these sales so limited now a days. (if you are going to go to that effort to cheat people out of money, why not just shell out to get a business license and buy things in bulk?)

Foolsjoker1947d ago

I've thought about picking up another slim just because I hate the Ultra slim that much...

Seraphim1947d ago

yeah because of the Ultra Slim I've thought about finally retiring my 60GB w/ a Slim. that ultra slim is just awful.

Y_51501947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

What's bad about it. Please help me because I'm thinking about getting the ultra slim.

GribbleGrunger1947d ago

I think it's mainly a design choice. A lot of people are quite happy with the new super slim design. I actually prefer the slim myself.

kreate1947d ago

The good thing about the super/ultra slim is the small size.

The bad thing about it is the cheap look.

Seraphim1946d ago

there's nothing bad about it. I just don't personally care for it. Especially but not limited to the sliding plastic top... Mind you I still have a 60GB [160GB] Dinosaur that I finally capped the hard drive space on... And honestly I've never been all that thrilled w/ the 2nd gen, especially when compared the OR. The 60GB might be a monster but it's a beautiful machine....

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Adva1947d ago

For those that like the old model, now is the time. Grab it and save $70!

rapidturtle1947d ago

Great price for a great system.

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The story is too old to be commented.