Capcom trying to make up for Resident Evil 6 flop

No matter what your individual opinion on that game was, the overall consensus was not welcoming.

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Kamikaze1351920d ago

I find the situation kind of funny. They brag about how many people are working on RE6 and hype it up like crazy. They release a RE game on the 3DS and don't hype it up nearly as much as RE6. The 3DS does so much better with reviewers and fans alike than the "megaton" RE game released on consoles. Now they are porting the RE game they weren't hyping to consoles and PC because the big RE game did horrible.

Abash1919d ago

They are just trying to squeeze a few extra dollars out of RE fans, making up for Resident Evil 6 would be making Resident Evil 7 closer to a true RE game

Kamikaze1351919d ago

Now I wonder: since they know they screwed up, are they still going to try and appeal to the masses and fail like they did with RE6? or are they going to give fans what they want?

jc485731919d ago

well, REvelations >>>>>>>&g t;>>>> RE6. That's a fact.

Root1919d ago

The main thing which bugged me about Revelations was that Chris and Jill wern't together AGAIN. Capcom have never made a game where it's just Chris and Jill together for the game, the only time I can think of them together was in RE and the RE5 DLC Lost in Nightmares.

They did what I hate the most about the new RE games, they keep adding pointless, unlikable new characters to the game instead of using fan favourites. They could easily write old characters into the story


It really bugs me

doogiebear1919d ago

Relax, it really isn't that big a deal :O

Max-Zorin1918d ago

Even if RE6 was horror like the old ones, it would have been flooded with ''DLC''.

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