Satoru Iwata Tweets That Wii U Direct Will Be "A Bit Different"

NL: ''Earlier today we brought you the news that Satoru Iwata is hosting a global Nintendo Direct Broadcast — Wii U Direct — tomorrow at 2PM GMT / 9AM EST. The press release and a subsequent tweet stated that new software and services for the home console would be on the agenda.''

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Nevers0ft2067d ago

ok Iwata... My body and wallet are ready!

Hopefully it is something totally new and not something that has been leaked already. I'm probably chasing rainbows but I'm crossing my fingers for something completely out of left-field.

... I guess I'll know in about 40mins.

juaburg2067d ago

Mii 2 man! I hope they GIVE me a sealed deal on why i should buy a Wii U right now! Even though i want one, hehe.

ElectricKaibutsu2067d ago

Shoot, my expectations are way too high. Must... regain... negative... expectations. But what if it's Zelda? Ah, dammit.

EddieNX 2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Don't worry man..... We'll get through this man.....

*crack addicts voice* I'm cold...........

grailly2067d ago

I just want to be blown away, is that to much to ask?

grailly2067d ago

My GAWD! I've been blown away!

ElectricKaibutsu2067d ago

I am also totally blown away! HD Windwaker, yes please.

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SmokexFFx2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Could anyone tell me where to watch it please?

Edit: Nvm found it. For anyone else in the same boat, you can watch it at

Nevers0ft2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Directly from Nintendo, via UStream and (probably) Youtube.

I can't remember if they go live on Youtube or just upload it later but it's definitely live on Nintendos site and UStream.

(and it should be on >right now<)

lilbroRx2067d ago

HD WIND WAKER AND XENOBLADE 2! I'm sold. I'm getting a Wii U no later than March.

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thaimasker2067d ago

I won't get my hopes up till E3... I will watch this not expecting much.

thaimasker2067d ago

Yes it was...It felt like a Mini E3 lol.

360ICE2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Fingers crossed for Wii U Music! With a touch-screen it would actually work!
Oh, and maybe Zelda.

And come on, people. Let's expect something here, I want reasons to buy this console. Naow! Let's get super hyped.

Old McGroin2067d ago

I hope to God it's not some tripe like Wii U music! Nintendo need to unleash a beast of an announcement and fast! Virtual Console, a new IP and a Wii U version of one of the big hitters are needed!

360ICE2067d ago

"I hope to God it's not some triple like Wii U music"

"...and a Wii U version of one of the big hitters are needed"

Make up your mind :P
No, but imagine something like garage band. By Nintendo.

Also, I'd very much enjoy a new IP. Nintendo should generally get moving on making some new IPs.

Old McGroin2067d ago

@ 360ICE

I know there are millions of people out there who are in to music games but I'm not one of them! Casual games just don't do it for me. All Wii U owners have spent a pretty penny on their shiny new console and so far all we have is platform games that we could have played on the SNES, ZombiU and ports of old games. I haven't owned a Nintendo console for years and so far I'm far from impressed with the WiiU.

WeAreLegion2067d ago

A new Mother game?!?!?!?!?

I know it's rumored, but I would pay so much money for that.

G-cis2067d ago

kinda hoping for a new IP though

--Onilink--2067d ago

well by now mother can be practically considered a new IP, same as with Kid Icarus

SuperSonic2662067d ago

in short

It will be casual with no third party support

G-cis2067d ago

and why you're here?

btw,how many minutes left untill the vid start?

MakiManPR2067d ago

18 mins

But Yeah I think it wont be any big surprise if any. I'm sure it will be just about Pikmin 3 and WiiFit U.

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