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Teenage Murderer Says He Loves Violent Video Games. NBC Thinks There’s A Connection.

Kotaku- Last week, 15-year-old Nehemiah Griego killed his entire family: both parents and three siblings. He confessed to the crime, saying he did it because he was frustrated with his mother. And he got really excited to discuss violent video games with the police, according to an NBC report. (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Culture, Grand Theft Auto)

jack who  +   770d ago
the game put the gun in the house? in his hand? if yes then i see the connection.
NewMonday  +   770d ago
most of gamers are under the voting age that is why games get targeted insted of the real issues, paranting and easy acsses to guns.

like that line from The Ides of March:"Can't vote. Too young. Too bad"
wheresmymonkey  +   769d ago
thats bollocks mate the average age of a gamer is 33.

Games ar ebeing used as a scapegoat because americans don't want to face up the fact that the second ammendment is woefully out of date and that the gun laws need a drastic rethink.

Its a lot harder to go on a killing spree with a knife than it is a assault rifle.
Dirtnapstor  +   769d ago

right on...average gamer is in their 30's

As far as the 2nd amendment being out of date!?....easy to state that when it does not apply to you, yes?!?!
Killing spree with a knife more difficult? Tell that to those that lost their lives on 911! How many planes were there? and how was it done?

Dig a little deeper my friend and you will see that gun violence is considerably low compared to other acts of violence...did you know when the stats come out regarding "gun violence", it includes the numbers from those who lawfully defended themselves at that of law enforcement...?
Most media individuals who spout "informational data" concerning the gun genre really have no clue as to what they're saying. Similarly to the misinformed idea that video games create killers. A scapegoat.
The Atari 2600 game Berserk in the early 1980's was to blame for teen violence and suicide-look it up. This whole scenario is nothing new.
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TopDudeMan  +   769d ago
omg he plays violent video games. That must be why he did that.

omg he likes pepsi more than coke. That must be why he did that.

omg he has short hair. That must be why he did that.

omg he likes sports. That must be why he did that.

Dammit people the issue isn't why the kid was fucked up, the issue is that no one spotted it or did jack shit about it. You don't just one day decide to murder your family. That doesn't happen within the normal spectrum of emotions and that should have been picked up on by the people around him. There will definitely have been unmistakeable signs.
zerocrossing  +   770d ago
"Teenage Murderer Says He Loves Violent Video Games. NBC Thinks There’s A Connection."

He likes "violence" and by extension "violent" games, a lot of us like violent games but we don't go and butcher people, the people who do that are "psychopaths" trying to blame violent games for the actions of a madman is ludicrous...
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DwightOwen  +   770d ago
Why is it that when some psycho goes on a killing spree, authorities always try to take guns/video games/civil liberties away from those who DIDN'T do anything?
Hanso  +   769d ago
because actually removing the gun industry in America will make a lot of rich people sad^^
TheGameHuntah  +   769d ago
That's why the law won't happen.
I believe they are going to make noise and maybe remove the assault rifles as a "legal weapon", but it's easy to target other industry like video games. Rich people won't lose that much and the community will think they are safe.....
Funny place with live on.
SolidStoner  +   769d ago
very free country! you are allowed to buy guns and shoot people, but you cant smoke pot and play videogames... wtf?

how about movies... they look more realistic with heavy crimes and stuff... but no... they make more money for US, it must not be the case...

money money money! I love you USA! if sh*t had a price, then US would say that sh*t is GOOOOD!
Parasyte  +   769d ago
Because games are a scapegoat. They would rather attack them than deal with real issues like bad parenting and mental health.
creeping judas  +   769d ago
Because there is no Marilyn Manson to blame, or somone like him, so they need to find another scapegoat.
ApolloTheBoss  +   769d ago
Am I the only one who thinks that this is all just a huge conspiracy to bring down the videogame industry. Stuff like this happens every single day and the media only shows us the ones that they think will get people thinking. This is happening too often to be a coincidence.
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mushroomwig  +   769d ago
Nothing like that will happen, 10/20 years ago you could replace the term 'video games' with 'rap', nothing will happen but people will always need a scapegoat.
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ChickeyCantor  +   769d ago
" Nehemiah Griego did not elaborate on a motive for the shocking crime, but he had plenty to say about his love for video games"

If you're this disconnected from what you just did; killing your parents and 3 siblings. Then it has NOTHING to do with video games.

Also from the actual article:

" The father, a reformed gang member who used to run a halfway house for ex-cons on his property, had taught his son how to shoot, police said."

Yeah video games...
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360ICE  +   769d ago
I like violent ice cream.
I'm so sorry everyone.

No, but this isn't really a facetious issue.
The ice cream violence rates have gone up every year since 2002
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mamotte  +   769d ago
Because every gamer is an murderer. 1 on millions is a relevant sample.
i_da_pappy  +   769d ago
Azurite  +   769d ago
I see the connection; love.
So many have died due to love of something!
solar  +   769d ago
15 year Olds shouldn't be playing Rated M for Mature video games in the first place. How about we blame his Chaplain father for letting him play violent video games and not getting help for his mentally unstable son
cleverusername  +   769d ago
Violent video games are clearly marked 18 certificate and he is 15 so he shouldn't even by law be playing them!
fourOeightshark  +   769d ago
I'm sure all the psychopath murderes that were around before video games would of loved violent video games too.
KMCROC54  +   769d ago
Thier is no connection between these two item ,the problem I see is that this individual has major issue that are related to his upbringing & the poor job his parents did . Their has never been a connection.
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legend911  +   769d ago
Of course there's a connection! And of course the all mighty NBC will see it! -epic sarcasm-
davidj88  +   769d ago
It's a sad thing to happen but i would have probably done the same if my parents named me Nehemiah lol.

But seriously it seems like video games are the medium of choice for anybody trying to divert the attention from themselves and the crime that they committed. What didn't seem to be elaborated was why his family let him play games rated for adults when he is only 15, somebody must have brought them for him....but of course that's the fault of the games industry too right? :/
ayabrea93  +   769d ago
a violent boy likes violent stuff, how strange.
GraveLord  +   769d ago
Obviously playing Call of Duty made him psychotic. Just like all violent video games.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   769d ago
mentally ill people can be influenced by video games in a negative way
brianunfried  +   769d ago
Try finding a teenager that doesn't like violent video games. Politicians are a bunch of dummies. Its the same story, blame horror movies, heavy metal music and video games instead of addressing the real problems.
stubbed_out  +   769d ago
We're all fucked now...it makes me...frustrated...BANG BANG!
DragonKnight  +   769d ago
Anyone ever consider that the kid said that because he knew people would blame video games for his behaviour?
Paranoidplayer24  +   769d ago
People don't seem to get that not every gamer is a mental case. Would he have done this without the video games? In almost positive he would have. Just because some psycho decided to kill people doesn't mean a violent video game made him do it. These people are beyond stupid. They just want something to blame for the flaws and people with mental disorders that end up doing things like this, INSTEAD OF HELPING THEM. Like I said, a psychopath will kill without video games. Just because he plays them doesn't mean a thing.
KrimsonKody  +   769d ago
Good grief!
Every decade or so, the 'media' finds someone or something to blame for others' shortcomings.

Aah! My kid is crazy & he listens to gangster;
Yep, it's raps' fault, that's way they did it!

Aah! My child mutilates animals & sew them back mix match, & he watches Pokemon;
Um, it's Pokemons' fault!

Aah! I'm using all these drugs & can't stop, but I did watch the movie Party Monster once a few years ago;
Uh huh, it's the movies' fault!

& now, it's video games turn.

It just goes in circles, but NO ONE wants to take blame or admit to where they possibly could've went wrong;

My child is not mentally ill
It's nothing they won't grow out of
"...I have a beautiful son, such a wonderful, beautiful son!"- excerpt from Friday The 13th.

I've been playing video games, of all types, as far back as Colecovision & Socrates, & I still reign un-murderous.
With all the games I've played, I wonder which game is finally going to "make me snap"...
contradictory  +   769d ago

just keep that in mind media...
fucking asshole media leeches...
jjb1981  +   769d ago
What if he would have said he loved all the SAW movies and has the whole collection
brettyd  +   769d ago
I love violent games, my real life kill count? zero. I believe there is a connection.

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