The Throwdown #22


Ultimate Spider-Man
Natural Selection 2
DMC HD collection
DmC Devil May Cry

STFUandPLAY is hustling
We’re going to E3 after all!!
PC vs Console war is over on The Throwdown

Other Stuff

Tomb Raider MP trophies
Sony getting rid of Dualshock controller for next gen
Elder Scrolls mmo beta
Splinter Cell gets a delayed release date
Dead Space 3 gets N7 armor & micro-transactions
Jerry Lambert vs Sony case is over
Sony advertising in the next gen
Next gen specs bullshit
Last Of Us special editions
Resident Evil Revelations coming to consoles and PC

Listener questions

Will Ni No Kuni revive the JRPG genre?
What are some of your gaming pet peeves?

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this is a great podcast

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