PS4: 7 Things We Hope To See In Sony's Next-Gen Console

GR: As we near the inevitable announcement of the next PlayStation gaming machine, excitement for new hardware is at an all-time high. While the Wii U helped to scratch that itch ever so slightly, nothing will truly satiate the tech-hungry nerd within like a shiny new console from Sony or Microsoft. Since a couple of us here at GR are of the opinion that Sony will be first to pull back the curtain, we're going to kick things off with a wishlist for the PlayStation 4.

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dbjj120881946d ago

16-player splitscreen, right?

alexcosborn1946d ago

16-player simul-view is more like it!

kma2k1946d ago

just as importantly REAR USB ports!

Foolsjoker1946d ago

Really, some people are either happy with 2 USB ports, or they want less...

BitbyDeath1946d ago

Or no USB ports and everything wireless.
Wireless charging would be pretty cool ^_^

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iamnsuperman1946d ago

"Backwards Compatibility... Via Cloud Streaming........

And why stop with just PlayStation 4 support? Who says this service can't carry over to the PlayStation Vita as well?"

I can see it happening. It would make sense to have that replace remote play. The only thing this may do is make Vita software harder to sell but on the flip side how many people will buys Vita if they can play their PS4 games away from home. I say the positive outways the negative so lets hope Sony sees it that way

doctorstrange1946d ago

Gaikai job listings show that they want it to come to everything - console, tv, handheld, mobile, tablet. PS Everywhere.

dbjj120881946d ago

It would be an amazing feature.

T3mpr1x1946d ago

Yeah, I hope Sony's purchase of Gaikai pays off in the form of cloud gaming...

Wedge191946d ago

A good, level-headed wishlist. It's not some absurd over the top WE WANT A COFFEE MAKER AND PORN wishlist, but rather states the very basics that are actually worth talking and speculating about.

doctorstrange1946d ago

Coffee and porn maker? Can someone put this on KickStarter already?!

kma2k1946d ago

8. The ability to play second hand games! This should actually be #1 or #2

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The story is too old to be commented.