“We are a Dead Space game”: DS3 Senior Producer Talks Story, Game Mechanics and The Future

In spirit of the addition of co-op to Dead Space 3, PSLS and Game Revolution, sat down to do a co-op interview with Senior Producer David Woldman. We go in-depth into the replayability options, writing the story threads, the future of the franchise and much more.

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dbjj120881912d ago

Wow, super long interview. Thanks for writing the whole thing out. Hate when sites are lazy and don't include the full interview.

Wedge191912d ago

Hours of work went into the transcription of that bad boy... but it was a great talk with him, especially because he seemed to open up more about things at the end. That's where we got the details on Dead Space 3's Hard Core Mode and confirmed the length of the game.

TrendyGamers1912d ago

My eyes cannot withstand an interview of that magnitude.

alexcosborn1912d ago

That's a beast of an interview. Well done sir.

Wedge191912d ago

Thanks, I hope that people get some value out of it. I think it has a lot of great information; we'll see if people concur.

Root1912d ago

Yeah I highly doubt it

Treian1912d ago

human enemies with a gun is a complete turn off for me...sorry won't be getting the game...

Wedge191912d ago

It was a very minor portion of the four chapters that we played, and fits with that part of the story very well. Don't worry, Necromorphs are still the main focus.

blackstrr4111912d ago

If there's a point in the game like the eye place in DS2 I'm in. Or that tentacle boss in DS 1 that you'll think is a cinematic until it kills you and you are like *the fuck just happened!!?

Revolver_X_1912d ago

Yea, because in a world where creatures manipulate human thoughts, and a cult has formed that worship them. (This started in Dead Space 2 BTW). Cult members trying to kill you makes absolutely no sense. /s Back under your bridge.

Treian1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

It doesn't make sense since dead space is somewhat a survival horror title. I was never trolling-just saying what I think. You are getting mad way too easily....BTW, you are clearly the troll here.

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