Famitsu review scores (1/22/13)

Take a look at the review scores from this week's Famitsu.

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EddieNX 1348d ago

It's official , If Famitsu think Fist of the north star for wiiu is good , then I believe them. Sold....

Godchild10201348d ago

What did they give the PS3/360 version and what is different from the PS3/360 and Wii U versions?

r211348d ago

PSASBR did pretty well. Hope the Japanese PS gamers enjoy it when it comes out over there :D

Blastoise1348d ago

Famitsu score's are about as reliable as IGN's.

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DivineAssault 1347d ago

kens rage 2 is awesome now all of a sudden for someone i know.. even tho he knows nothing about the series & never played the 1st one lol