Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Will be Slightly Cheaper on the PSN

Despite many big name titles now being available on the PS3′s PlayStation Store on launch day, saving the cost of creating a box and (sometimes) a manual, the prices have generally been the exact same for the retail and digital releases. Publishers seem to be hesitant to follow the lead of many of the PlayStation Vita PSN games and doing a 10% or so discount, but that won’t be the case with Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

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TrendyGamers1948d ago

Can't complain about saving some money!

Abash1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I highly recommend the physical copy. Namco-Bandai were actually generous enough to include a manual in the case (something most publishers abandoned for digital manuals) and the image on the game disc is fantastic

TrendyGamers1948d ago

Manuals are becoming a rarity these days, glad to hear Ni no Kuni has one!

FamilyGuy1948d ago

Fits right along with the old school feel of the game.
I might get the digital version though so I can game share it with my brother :/

MmaFan-Qc1948d ago

meh, been buying steam games for the last 6 years without caring about paper instruction manuals, it wont change today.

im getting the digital version in a heartbeat.

Merrill1948d ago

What kind of ticked me off about the manual is they said it was going to be in full colour and mine is in black&white.

morganfell1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I thought of that (the manual) but I am going with all digital purchases now. I do so to insure that I will never again encounter a situation where a game becomes digitally playable on another platform - PSP to Vita for example and owning the physical copy does nothing for me.

Owning digital copies not only protects me form situations like the one above - as I encountered with the PSP versions of Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta, Peacewalker, etc it also insures that when Gaikai comes, games I own that are digital will be in my account and can be streamed to other devices that Sony allows on the network.

Add to this I have received quite a bit of money back from Sony because of my purchase habits on PSN.

BlindGuardian1948d ago

for next gen I'm going all digital but I'm getting these last few games for my PS3 at retail

but this is the right way to go

1948d ago
joab7771948d ago

As do i. I regret not getting the collectors edition but i got the steel case which i love and the guide. Using it sparingly but had to have it cuz its gorgeous and has dlc.

Anyway, i havnt understood why Sony and Microsoft havnt taken valves lead and created their own digital stores that sell at discounts. It is the future and its a way to get ppl to buy from u. Offer 10-20% off, dlc, or points u can use down the line to get money off etc. And with ur own games, u can go even cheaper. Why wouldnt u. Steam, gamestop and amazon do what they need to. My only guess is that there is some kund of deal that limits them. Imagine if u could buy any game at midnight from ur couch for cheaper? Who wouldnt do that? Many still love physical copies but there are ways to entice ppl. They just seem slow to come up with ideas.

Trenta271948d ago

Not to mention the decipher at the back of it.

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Thatguy-3101948d ago

Would get it from psn store but the install is just to big. I will have to delete games and movies if I were to want it from the ps store. But yea I usually buy my games digital since they save me time and money. When new release come out I just pay the 60 even.

Julie1948d ago

PSN when? :(
When on PSN? :(
for me? why thank you ... but when? :(
I hit F5 much and nothing happens PSN! :(

Julie1948d ago

Downloading now! :D
To the disagree fairy : don't worry i don't hate you i hope you can play Ni no Kuni too some day :3

BDSE1948d ago

Physical copy beats digital copy every single time.

Tzuno1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Yeah go pay for smoke and mirrors i prefer to hold the product that i paid for in my hands. Maybe i want to sell the game after. Imagine a collector collecting digital games :)

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TrendyGamers1948d ago

And it will lessen the wrath of the white witch.

Liquid_Ocelot1948d ago

Lmfao! @ TrendyGamers I laughed for real x)

Septic1948d ago

Yeah and it should be the industry standard. I hope it sets a trend because, as you say, this is a logical step and really the equitable way forward.

BuLLDoG9091948d ago

yeah, yeah... iv just been on psn, "the line" for 59.99 euro in the price drop section ???, are you f*&kn serious scee ??
on steam for a fiver last week.
daylight robbery in its purest form from these rip off merchants.

i like sony and all, but sometimes id love to bitchslap the smart ass who decides these prices on DIGITAL protucts on psn.

Godchild10201948d ago

More companies need to do this. Namco +1.

mayberry1948d ago

Any x-tra artwork from studio ghibli is appreciated. Getting physical copy.

abzdine1948d ago

Does anyone know why i'm getting an error 80029564 when i try to install a big file on PS3?

Blackcanary1948d ago

I had that then i put my card details in and it allowed me to download it with out any problems.
Just have to wait till the 1st so i can play it.

doogiebear1948d ago

Google it. It might be fragmented memory on harddrive or something. Or call sony for help, their open even late at night. Hope u find the help u need.

Dark_Overlord1948d ago

That error is a problem with connecting properly to the server, its can be a few things.

Has your router recently received an update?

Is it peak time where you are?

Have your ISP changed anything?

Happened to Virgin Media customers in the UK around Xmas, the R26 Firmware(I think it was that version) was the cause.

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