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Gamebreak: DmC Devil May Cry

Max Level: "DmC: Devil May Cry has been amid a hailstorm of pessimism and scrutiny since it’s unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show back in 2010. Capcom’s decision to reboot the Devil May Cry series, thus calling for a character re-design of the game’s protagonist Dante, has proven to be one of the boldest moves taken by any AAA franchise in this generation." (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) -

MeatheadMilitia  +   919d ago
This was a well written breakdown of the games entirety. Anyone on the fence about this game should check this gamebreak out
Blacktric  +   919d ago
"I’d have to go out on a limb and say that this is the best Devil May Cry game to date."

MeatheadMilitia  +   919d ago
Which DMC game would you choose as the best game and what makes it the best game for you?
Blacktric  +   919d ago
Look I am aware that it all comes down to preference when you are talking about something like videogames but I just wouldn't go out and say that DmC was the best game in the series. I just wouldn't. I mean people already hate it for a variety of reasons ranging from technical aspects to the cheaply written They Live/The Matrix knock off story. If the writer was judging the game as a seperate game that didn't belong to Devil May Cry series and then said it's an amazing game, only thing I could've said would be "that's his opinion". But when you make a comparison like that, it's just hard to ignore it.

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