Nintendo beats Microsoft, Sony, and Apple for best consumer experience

A research firm says Nintendo has the best consumer experience rating among electronic device makers, besting Microsoft, Apple and Sony.

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iamnsuperman1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Who is Forrester? (not very knowledgeable about research companies as there seems to be hundreds of them)

Good for Nintendo

mrbojingles1944d ago

A research firm that does these types of studies.

They surveyed 7,500 consumers to decipher their annual consumer experience ratings for over 150 different companies. Nintendo wasn't the best rated company out of all they rated this year, but they were the best rated consumer electronics company. I think Verizon was rated higher.

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duh. Micro only cares about their market place and subscriptions to play. Sony only cares about graphics or 1000 players in one server with shitty 10 frames a second. Think of a game that isnt one of those

Belking1944d ago

This article should riffle a few fanboy feathers.

joeorc1943d ago

"Sony and Microsoft were rated as well.

Microsoft was rated “ok” at 74, and

Sony barely missed being classified as “ok” with a rating of 76."

yea Love the way they word that one right there!

yay for hypocrisy

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