How Exactly Will Videogames Improve Their Image?

Danielle D of writes:

"How exactly does the videogame industry improve its image? Actually the better question is what image is the industry trying to change? The use of guns and violence in mainstream games? The non-proven belief that games have an effect on real life violence? The “male” tailored content – guns, killing, T&A, explosions, etc. – almost all games share to appeal to that demographic? Or how games are mindless entertainment and not viable in intellectual discourse, aka “art”? (Well, let’s skip that last one.) What image does the Vice President want the industry to portray itself as?"

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aliengmr1971d ago

I believe in general the "cool" factor for guns needs to be taken down a couple notches. But its not just games, its all media IMO.

That said, watch an action movie from the 80's. Times have changed for movies. Games are following the same course IMO. Emphasizing other ways to solve problems with out guns. It takes time.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1971d ago

I think the problem is that they never emphasize the emotions behind taking another person's life- just the high.

There is a reason why soldiers and police officers need counselors.

Heck, even the "big bad Evils" usually kill themselves after mass-shootings.

If, media started including realistic psychological reactions to death and violence ("justified" or not) angry-people may think twice.

Most people don't start drugs because they know that the High does not last- the same goes for killing- in real life (IRL)-
There is a nasty LOW after the high.

Not saying this has to be the case for every game or every movie- it would be nice if the emotion content of games would evolve to match what is possible in movies and books.

Unicron1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I think the problem is that they never emphasize the emotions behind taking another person's life- just the high.

I disagree. Aerith, The Boss, heck even the Colossi in SotC. Games deal with the implications and emotions of death all the time - problem is the people who do the talking about games ignore these aspects because 1) they don't play games 2) it doesn't fir their agenda to demonize games.

Thatguy-3101971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yea certain games do emphasize the emotions behind the usage of violence but most of them don't especially the mainstream ones. But I agree people that blame games for gun violence and violence in general don't play games for the most part. When playing games like uncharted where Drake kills hundreds of enemies never has it cross my mind about the violence that it's taking place because that isn't what the game emphasizes on and most games don't.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1971d ago

Good point.
(I agreed with you for adding balance)

To be fair I should not have said "never." It wasn't exactly what I meant.

I think that adding more emotional content other than the cool violent visuals would go a long way.

I some cases the industry has been stuck in a continued loop of cool vs. substance and gameplay.

Being a Nintendo fan over the eons, I have seen this all of the time with the violence vs. game play debate.
Some of the Gamers fawning over hyper-violent graphics but ignoring another games because of the visual styles.

It's our choice, like with movies.

But their needs to be a better balance, not only with the existence of said games but with the purchase of said games or else the criticisms will keep coming- justified or not.

Unicron1971d ago

Totally. Balance is key. I definitely think we need more developers talking about their work, instead of leaving it up to politicians!

mandf1971d ago

Let's start by cleaning up video game journalism.

wallis1971d ago

Let the older generations die? Every single issue mentioned about games is just as bad. Hell modelling, acting, music, literature - people throughout all of these show some of the most lurid behaviours possible and that's before you enter the business side of it! Yeah games aren't perfect but even now they're airbrushing girls in hollywood posters to have bigger chests. Dead island features a torso and people go ape shit crazy.