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Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct will only be 30 minutes long

Hyped for tomorrow's Nintendo Direct presentation? Hoping to see a lot of unannounced game reveals? Well, it has come out now that the presentation will be rather short diminishing hopes for multiple game announcements. (3DS, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

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VegaShinra  +   607d ago
It doesn't diminish shit. 30 minutes is a decent chunk of time to announce and show a trailer for several new games.
mrbojingles  +   607d ago
True, as the link states they could have 25 minutes of boring stuff and a great 5 minute sizzle reel of multiple titles.
Akuma-  +   607d ago
we all can agree that all nintendo directs are pointless with little information. anyway, ill post about it after its over.

i cant wait for ps4
iamnsuperman  +   607d ago
I think that (except for a 5 minute multiple reveals thing) is what is going to happen. I mean look what happened to the Pokemon reveal. It took them 7 minutes to reveal the new Pokemon game.

I expect a spiel about how well the Wii U is doing and how we are mending bridges with 3rd party (a.k.a showing Batman and AC3 footage). Check out this game and features which has already released. Remember Pikmin is coming soon and finally here is the reveal
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SonyNGP  +   607d ago

Who's "we"?
AWBrawler  +   607d ago
Akuma? why are you even here?
pedroyamato  +   607d ago

If you think it is pointless, why watch, AND why post about it?

Go player your vita kid, if you have any game to play on it.
RmanX1000  +   607d ago
ONLY 30 minutes? Thats a lot longer than a lot of the other Directs combined <.<
Kingofwiiu  +   607d ago
To put things into perspective , we're gettin an episode of Fraiser worth of N-direct. God Fraiser is hilarious....
LOL_WUT  +   607d ago
Fraiser who the hell watches that nonsense? As for this Nintendo direct please let it be something good. ;)
MegaLagann  +   606d ago
Or an entire episode of Cowboy Bebop.
Snookies12  +   607d ago
How do these work? Just launch the app on the 3DS when it's time or something?
kirbyu  +   606d ago
They put it on the Nintendo websitem then you can see it on Nintendo Channel (an application on the Wii) later.
richierich  +   607d ago
I hope that the Nintendo Direct isnt as pointless as the previous ones hopefully they will show something worth looking forward to and not casual games and stuff we already know about.
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herbs  +   607d ago
I don't have high hopes, so far these Nintendo directs have been borderline pointless, boring and uninformative...
Rockefellow  +   607d ago
What a horrid, flame-baiting title from an equally uninspired website. For your information, that's a significant amount of time for the company to reveal things, even if they spend 80% of it bragging about themselves. It falls in line with, and even surpasses, the lengths of most previous Nintendo Directs.

This could have been written as "Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct will be Half an Hour Long," but for obvious reasons you've chosen to put a retarded spin on something so trivial.
gumgum99  +   607d ago
Really?, that's about as long as they get here in the US.
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wingman32x  +   607d ago
30 minutes is plenty of time for a notable reveal accompanied by a couple of smaller ones or updates on known games. Nintendo Directs aren't meant to be E3-esque 90 minute info dumps. They usually choose only one or two things to touch on. It's a short burst format that gives games a chance at having the spotlight.
Drainage  +   607d ago
its long compared to the 6 minute pokedirect. But remember, the first 15 minutes will be rather slow talking explaining a number of obvious things, games that are already announced will get dev quotes to hype them, luigi MP demontration, ..end.
stuntman_mike  +   607d ago
I hope they mention stuff after the launch window (it's gone on long enough lol) maybe even show a few new trailers.
gpturbo81  +   607d ago
who approves these stupid fuckin articles

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