Ni no Kuni – Destined to be Forgotten?

Is Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch heading into the JRPG Abyss like so many that came before it?

BrooklynKings Robert Scatigno gives his opinion.

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Abash2156d ago

Playing it right now, more like it's destined to be a JRPG classic. Amazing game

abzdine2156d ago

shame on you how can you find time to write when you have Ni No Kuni already! :)

Kran2156d ago

IKR how can he waste time commenting on articles like this when he could be playing the amazement that is Ni No Kuni :D

AsimLeonheart2156d ago

LOL! I got my copy today. Going to play it tonight! Feeling very excited!
Coming back to the article, I think this game is getting a lot of fanfare and attention so it wont go completely under the radar. It is an instant classic and it will live forever even if it does not sells gangbusters.

HarryMasonHerpderp2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Haha very true.
It's killing us in Europe having to wait so long!
All we can do is read comments and reviews about how awesome it is!

MikeMyers2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

If they don't want the game to be forgotten they need to do two things for it to gain popularity.

1. Market the game well.

2. Put the game on other platforms aside from the PS3.

2 disagrees already, interesting.

MikeMyers2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

From the article
"Ni no Kuni is also releasing as a Playstation 3 exclusive, which is why I’m sure there was the Ninostarter Campaign in North America, the most popular territory of the Xbox 360, in order to entice people to invest in the Wizards Edition of Ni no Kuni and generate more interest for the game."

Odd how people keep disagreeing with my other comment when I was just elaborating on the article and how to make sure the game isn't forgotten. I guess they don't want the game to be more accessible, and if the game doesn't sell well they don't care as long as it remains exclusive.

Eyeco2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

There are many multuiplatform games, great multiplatform games that end up being forgotten, sales, and platforms don't always factor in a games legacy,

my favourite game Ico didn't sell to well and was released early in the PS2's lifetime, yet that game is still remembered, it's legacy still holds up to this day, because it has qualities thats unique to that game.

Another one of my favourites Super Metroid, didn't sell to hot either, but its genius level design, haunting atmosphere and fine tuned gameplay, gives it a reputation as one of the greats and it's still remembered.

I could go on naming more games like Comix Zone, Okami, Conker games exclusive to one platform, had weak marketing, poor sales but still went on to be remembered among fans and gamers ,

People disagreed because, your theory is so 2 dimensional it's as if Michael Patcher wrote it, you completely ignore the fact that Ni No Kuni is one of the few great JRPG's released this gen, do you have any idea how much weight that alone carries ? that alone warrants it's legacy, never mind the beautiful unique art style, the fantastic battle system, lengthy gameplay.

MikeMyers2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Eyeco, I am not suggesting all games need to be on multiple platforms. I am merely adding to the topic and would want to see this game do well. Would it sell better if it came out on the Wii U and Xbox 360? Possibly, but it sure wouldn't sell less would it?

The game Ico was also released on the most successful system of all time. There was less of an argument to be made to release it on other platforms. The Gamecube and Xbox were not nearly as widespread as the current Xbox 360 and Wii are in comparison to the PS3. The Xbox 360 is pretty much dead in Japan but this article is talking about its success outside of Japan.
Will Dark Souls sell better than Demon Souls now that the newer one is on more systems? We live in a different time now than we did when Ico came out.

"People disagreed because, your theory is so 2 dimensional it's as if Michael Patcher wrote it, you completely ignore the fact that Ni No Kuni is one of the few great JRPG's released this gen, do you have any idea how much weight that alone carries ? that alone warrants it's legacy, never mind the beautiful unique art style, the fantastic battle system, lengthy gameplay."

It's 2 dimensional to think outside the box? Why would this game be any less great of an JRPG if they released it on other systems? It's already been out on the PS3. A game like Metal Gear Solid 4 has more weight behind it because there is already a large history and a large fanbase who will continue to support it. A game like this is more niche and might benefit from more exposure, that's all. So this isn't about the quality of the game, it's already there. It's about more people getting to enjoy it and be exposed to it that might not if they don't own a PS3. I own a PS3 so it makes no difference to me, but again this topic is about it not falling through the cracks and quickly being forgotten.

So why are you here saying that game should come to Vita?

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Ezz20132156d ago

* is Destined to be Forgotten?*


kratos1232156d ago

to see nobody puncing the approve button warms my hart.Everybody knows this game is special and not easily forgotten, but this article will be forgotten

Scatigno2156d ago

Did you read it then or just assume what it was about from the title?

You appear to have strong feelings towards my article so maybe you can pull some things out of it and give me some constructive feedback like an adult.

kratos1232156d ago

yes i did skim it and i disagree with wath you wrote.
Only one look at this rpg makes feel all warm inside and give´s me that oldschool feeling of a true rpg we all used to play last gen.
I find every rpg released this gen very dissapionting even the one´s you named up in your article expect for the soul series. And seeing everybody get hyped on n4g and gaf makes me believe a lot of people want these games but nobody is producing them only level 5 is taking this gamble, and i really hope it pays of.
You really don´t know how much i want this game to succeed. because really we haven´t had a traditional rpg like this game in a long time.

So that is way i hope you are dead wrong sir and also why i refuse to approve this article.

I even read your comment box, hope this troll was clear enough to you

Scatigno2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Ohhhhh ok so you skimmed through it and not actually properly read through the whole piece and took on board what I was saying. You seem to forget the part where I am praising the game throughout and all I hope is that people do not forget about it as soon as these more established IPs hit release in the next few weeks because the game deserves more respect than that.

If you really want this game to succeed like you say you do then you would understand that I feel exactly the same, but then of course that would require actually reading through it and not skimming.

The title of the article is a a question for all gamers and it's an opinion piece. No matter how much I want Ni no Kuni to succeed I believe that in the long run and over the course of this year people will quickly move onto something else and the game will sit on many shelves gathering dust, due to many more established series coming out this year. You really think Ni no Kuni is going to stand a chance against GTA V to the more mainstream audience? I don't think so.

So like I said, you should actually read and not skim because then you would have seen that I want this game to succeed just as much as you, but as an adult I'm also a realist about the situation too. So instead of acting like a troll maybe it's articles like these that will make people appreciate what Ni no Kuni is and give it the respect it deserves.

Yes there will be a small dedicated audience who show the love to Ni no Kuni but the majority will not. If that ends up being the case then there goes any hope for a sequel.

mandf2156d ago

@ Scatigno

I find it absolutely hilarious, that you write the article on your site then come troll n4g to defend it. Your first mistake was to write a sensational fanboy title to get hits. You are the problem with journalism. Don't write an article posed as a question and then try to steer the conversation that you created. You are no better than the worst fanboy on this site. Write something insightful and you would get a better response go back to school.

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knifefight2156d ago

I hope so.
Trolling website at its finest, here. We've got ourselves the next Kotaku.

Catoplepas2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )


Games like these garner dedicated followings, especially when they're bona fide masterpieces like Ni no Kuni. People will be talking about this title in years to come.

Can you honestly say the same about, say, Farcry 3? Or the newest COD?. Those are the games that are destined to be forgotten.

Their homogeneity damns them to that fate.

Scatigno2156d ago

Oh wow! You people amaze me. It's called an opinion piece and I bet people think I'm hating on the game due to the title of the article. Who has actually even read it?

miyamoto2156d ago

the title of the article is the problem.

Scatigno2156d ago

Then I guess people don't understand the point of the question mark.

Wintersun6162156d ago

Stop using sensationalist flamebait titles if you want people to take you seriously.

knifefight2156d ago

You raised a question that logically doesn't bear raising.

If you honestly can't understand why that ticks people off, then you should not be writing for mass media.

Imagine a headline that read "Scatigno: Child Molester?"
I mean, there was no real reason to raise the question...was there?
But then again...child molesters ARE out there, and many of them seem to be men. I've heard that you are one of these and therefore...OH DEAR GODS!


JasonXS122156d ago

Couldn't have said it better. The problem was the author for creating a title that demands attention. If it was something like "Ni No Kuni: A great game, but will it be a classic." Then maybe comments would be far more appreciative of your opinion.
The scrutinizing from comments is a factor of your own faults. Your title demanded hits, you got it, but now you can't handle the aftermath of the attention.

phantomexe2156d ago

I want to support the game because we need more jrpgs and i enjoy them but i'm not a fan of having pets fight for you even tho i know you don't have to use them all the time. Game looks amazing and preety but it comes off as pokemon like. Glad most are enjoying it and i hope it sells alot.We need more rpgs.

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