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Submitted by Scatigno 1116d ago | opinion piece

Ni no Kuni – Destined to be Forgotten?

Is Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch heading into the JRPG Abyss like so many that came before it?

BrooklynKings Robert Scatigno gives his opinion. (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3)

Abash  +   1117d ago
Playing it right now, more like it's destined to be a JRPG classic. Amazing game
abzdine  +   1116d ago
shame on you how can you find time to write when you have Ni No Kuni already! :)
Kran  +   1116d ago
IKR how can he waste time commenting on articles like this when he could be playing the amazement that is Ni No Kuni :D
AsimLeonheart  +   1116d ago
LOL! I got my copy today. Going to play it tonight! Feeling very excited!
Coming back to the article, I think this game is getting a lot of fanfare and attention so it wont go completely under the radar. It is an instant classic and it will live forever even if it does not sells gangbusters.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1116d ago
Haha very true.
It's killing us in Europe having to wait so long!
All we can do is read comments and reviews about how awesome it is!
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MikeMyers  +   1116d ago
If they don't want the game to be forgotten they need to do two things for it to gain popularity.

1. Market the game well.

2. Put the game on other platforms aside from the PS3.

2 disagrees already, interesting.
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MikeMyers  +   1116d ago
From the article
"Ni no Kuni is also releasing as a Playstation 3 exclusive, which is why I’m sure there was the Ninostarter Campaign in North America, the most popular territory of the Xbox 360, in order to entice people to invest in the Wizards Edition of Ni no Kuni and generate more interest for the game."

Odd how people keep disagreeing with my other comment when I was just elaborating on the article and how to make sure the game isn't forgotten. I guess they don't want the game to be more accessible, and if the game doesn't sell well they don't care as long as it remains exclusive.
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Eyeco  +   1116d ago
There are many multuiplatform games, great multiplatform games that end up being forgotten, sales, and platforms don't always factor in a games legacy,

my favourite game Ico didn't sell to well and was released early in the PS2's lifetime, yet that game is still remembered, it's legacy still holds up to this day, because it has qualities thats unique to that game.

Another one of my favourites Super Metroid, didn't sell to hot either, but its genius level design, haunting atmosphere and fine tuned gameplay, gives it a reputation as one of the greats and it's still remembered.

I could go on naming more games like Comix Zone, Okami, Conker games exclusive to one platform, had weak marketing, poor sales but still went on to be remembered among fans and gamers ,

People disagreed because, your theory is so 2 dimensional it's as if Michael Patcher wrote it, you completely ignore the fact that Ni No Kuni is one of the few great JRPG's released this gen, do you have any idea how much weight that alone carries ? that alone warrants it's legacy, never mind the beautiful unique art style, the fantastic battle system, lengthy gameplay.
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MikeMyers  +   1116d ago
Eyeco, I am not suggesting all games need to be on multiple platforms. I am merely adding to the topic and would want to see this game do well. Would it sell better if it came out on the Wii U and Xbox 360? Possibly, but it sure wouldn't sell less would it?

The game Ico was also released on the most successful system of all time. There was less of an argument to be made to release it on other platforms. The Gamecube and Xbox were not nearly as widespread as the current Xbox 360 and Wii are in comparison to the PS3. The Xbox 360 is pretty much dead in Japan but this article is talking about its success outside of Japan.
Will Dark Souls sell better than Demon Souls now that the newer one is on more systems? We live in a different time now than we did when Ico came out.

"People disagreed because, your theory is so 2 dimensional it's as if Michael Patcher wrote it, you completely ignore the fact that Ni No Kuni is one of the few great JRPG's released this gen, do you have any idea how much weight that alone carries ? that alone warrants it's legacy, never mind the beautiful unique art style, the fantastic battle system, lengthy gameplay."

It's 2 dimensional to think outside the box? Why would this game be any less great of an JRPG if they released it on other systems? It's already been out on the PS3. A game like Metal Gear Solid 4 has more weight behind it because there is already a large history and a large fanbase who will continue to support it. A game like this is more niche and might benefit from more exposure, that's all. So this isn't about the quality of the game, it's already there. It's about more people getting to enjoy it and be exposed to it that might not if they don't own a PS3. I own a PS3 so it makes no difference to me, but again this topic is about it not falling through the cracks and quickly being forgotten.

So why are you here saying that game should come to Vita?
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Ezz2013  +   1117d ago
* is Destined to be Forgotten?*

kratos123  +   1117d ago
to see nobody puncing the approve button warms my hart.Everybody knows this game is special and not easily forgotten, but this article will be forgotten
Scatigno  +   1117d ago
Did you read it then or just assume what it was about from the title?

You appear to have strong feelings towards my article so maybe you can pull some things out of it and give me some constructive feedback like an adult.
kratos123  +   1117d ago
yes i did skim it and i disagree with wath you wrote.
Only one look at this rpg makes feel all warm inside and give´s me that oldschool feeling of a true rpg we all used to play last gen.
I find every rpg released this gen very dissapionting even the one´s you named up in your article expect for the soul series. And seeing everybody get hyped on n4g and gaf makes me believe a lot of people want these games but nobody is producing them only level 5 is taking this gamble, and i really hope it pays of.
You really don´t know how much i want this game to succeed. because really we haven´t had a traditional rpg like this game in a long time.

So that is way i hope you are dead wrong sir and also why i refuse to approve this article.

I even read your comment box, hope this troll was clear enough to you
Scatigno  +   1117d ago
Ohhhhh ok so you skimmed through it and not actually properly read through the whole piece and took on board what I was saying. You seem to forget the part where I am praising the game throughout and all I hope is that people do not forget about it as soon as these more established IPs hit release in the next few weeks because the game deserves more respect than that.

If you really want this game to succeed like you say you do then you would understand that I feel exactly the same, but then of course that would require actually reading through it and not skimming.

The title of the article is a a question for all gamers and it's an opinion piece. No matter how much I want Ni no Kuni to succeed I believe that in the long run and over the course of this year people will quickly move onto something else and the game will sit on many shelves gathering dust, due to many more established series coming out this year. You really think Ni no Kuni is going to stand a chance against GTA V to the more mainstream audience? I don't think so.

So like I said, you should actually read and not skim because then you would have seen that I want this game to succeed just as much as you, but as an adult I'm also a realist about the situation too. So instead of acting like a troll maybe it's articles like these that will make people appreciate what Ni no Kuni is and give it the respect it deserves.

Yes there will be a small dedicated audience who show the love to Ni no Kuni but the majority will not. If that ends up being the case then there goes any hope for a sequel.
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mandf  +   1116d ago
@ Scatigno

I find it absolutely hilarious, that you write the article on your site then come troll n4g to defend it. Your first mistake was to write a sensational fanboy title to get hits. You are the problem with journalism. Don't write an article posed as a question and then try to steer the conversation that you created. You are no better than the worst fanboy on this site. Write something insightful and you would get a better response go back to school.
knifefight  +   1116d ago
I hope so.
Trolling website at its finest, here. We've got ourselves the next Kotaku.
Catoplepas  +   1117d ago

Games like these garner dedicated followings, especially when they're bona fide masterpieces like Ni no Kuni. People will be talking about this title in years to come.

Can you honestly say the same about, say, Farcry 3? Or the newest COD?. Those are the games that are destined to be forgotten.

Their homogeneity damns them to that fate.
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Scatigno  +   1117d ago
Oh wow! You people amaze me. It's called an opinion piece and I bet people think I'm hating on the game due to the title of the article. Who has actually even read it?
miyamoto  +   1116d ago
the title of the article is the problem.
Scatigno  +   1116d ago
Then I guess people don't understand the point of the question mark.
Wintersun616  +   1116d ago
Stop using sensationalist flamebait titles if you want people to take you seriously.
knifefight  +   1116d ago
You raised a question that logically doesn't bear raising.

If you honestly can't understand why that ticks people off, then you should not be writing for mass media.

Imagine a headline that read "Scatigno: Child Molester?"
I mean, there was no real reason to raise the question...was there?
But then again...child molesters ARE out there, and many of them seem to be men. I've heard that you are one of these and therefore...OH DEAR GODS!

boybato  +   1116d ago
JasonXS12  +   1116d ago
Couldn't have said it better. The problem was the author for creating a title that demands attention. If it was something like "Ni No Kuni: A great game, but will it be a classic." Then maybe comments would be far more appreciative of your opinion.
The scrutinizing from comments is a factor of your own faults. Your title demanded hits, you got it, but now you can't handle the aftermath of the attention.
dafegamer  +   1116d ago
lmao XD
phantomexe  +   1117d ago
I want to support the game because we need more jrpgs and i enjoy them but i'm not a fan of having pets fight for you even tho i know you don't have to use them all the time. Game looks amazing and preety but it comes off as pokemon like. Glad most are enjoying it and i hope it sells alot.We need more rpgs.
Nivalis  +   1116d ago
Article writer doesn't play a game and writes an article about whether or not the game will be forgotten - there's perspective for you.

Here's some constructive criticism for you, Don't cover games you haven't played.

Ultimately your opinion piece is completely obvious, in that games get played then never played again as new games come out, this happens to ALL games without multiplayer, and eventually the multiplayer games die out too, especially when a newer version hits the shelves, that doesn't mean it's fading into the abyss it means that people have played the game and want to play something else, nothing more.

Fact of the matter is, people aren't going to play the game over and over forever, but a lot will come back to it and play it again as it's a sure fire classic, just as a lot of people randomly go back and play games like mario 64, final fantasy 7, and many other classic old games.

Whether or not there is a sequel isn't really an issue here as the game doesn't call for one, it's a singular story based on a world contained within itself, much like many other works by studio ghibli, the chances of another title based on the same world, even if the game went on to be the biggest seller of the year, are at best, highly unlikely.

And i'll finish with saying this, don't shadow your own n4g article posting, getting your panties in a twist because people disagree with your opinion,and hitting the Disagree button for each, because all you're doing is getting mad that people don't share your opinion.
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Chard  +   1116d ago
BanBrother  +   1116d ago
You see, the problem is, as usual for people on the internet is that they HAVE NOT READ the article!!!

The article is simply pointing out that JRPG's are pretty well under the radar, and under-appreciated. Aside from the massive internet hype, unfortunately it will more than likey be forgotten in the sea of massive sequels coming out.

Glad that the author mentioned Eternal Sonata. How many of you people have played it? It is an amazing game, released in 2007 and 2008 (xbox and then ps3 JRPG). Much like Ni No Kuni, it recieved critical acclaim in the west, and also has a beautiful art-style (the kind of beauty in Ni No Kuni). Yet hardly anyone outside the internet has heard of it. (Side note, highly recommend picking it up, ps3 if you can as it comes with extras)

I, like many others, will enjoy the heck out of Ni No Kuni (Jan 31 over here...counting the sleeps), but I really hope'it is not forgotten, as I'm sure the author is thinking. But you can't help but imagine this game will not recieve as much mainstream attention as it should, considering it is a breath of fresh air, with two highly acclaimed studios in their own fields behind it.

I just felt like typing this as some of the comments here are downright freaking rude towards the author,who, given his knowledge I can only imagine is a big JRPG fan, and will be playing Ni No Kuni.

Please everyone, read the article, or at least do not make negative, rash comments without understanding it. Enjoy Ni No Kuni and help make sure it is not forgotten.

EDIT. Spelling.
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Nivalis  +   1116d ago
I read the article in full which is why i made the call that the author clearly has not played the game.

Perhaps you should also take in to consideration looking into the game a little deeper before blindly following.
Ni no Kuni is from Studio Ghilbi, one of the most well known and celebrated animation studios in the world, producing well loved and classical films such as Howl moving castle.

Over here in japan the original version of Ni no Kuni for the DS is still a very sought after title with second hand/preowned prices for the game fetching HIGHER than the original retail value in 2010, which is somewhat of an exception for japan as generally people here do not put much value at all in to preowned or used items.

Unlike many games because this is a Ghilbi game it has the support and following from not only gamers but fans of Ghilbi's works, gathering wide acclaim from reviewers the world over, the game is more or less certain to be a classic, one generations of gamers years from now will come back to as current gamers do the classics of our time.

While the article doesn't speak bad of the game, the overall topic is pointlessly blatent and obvious, which is what i was pointing out - and had the author sat down and played the game themselves rather than just reading other peoples reviews, they would see for themselves why it's such a hit, and maybe feel compelled to delve in to the background of the game and the studio that brought it to life, as understanding that would have given him enough 'knowledge' to know that writing such an article was a wasted effort.

"The article is simply pointing out that JRPG's are pretty well under the radar, and under-appreciated"

No the article is insinuating, without proper knowledge of the game or the following it will receive, that it will be unknown in a years time.

If JRPG's are 'under-appreciated and under the radar' please explain to me the following associated with legend of mana, chrono trigger, final fantasy, and many, many other classic series, because pretty much every man and his dog is aware of them.

Ni no Kuni is an exception to the general rule that a non-multiplayer game will be forgotten, because in the tide of western rpgs, fps and other such titles it hacks back to the original day of RPG, while including an extensive story, excellent production value and being given birth to by one of the most well known animation studios on the planet.

We're at a point where the current generation consoles are providing few genuinely great experiences and Ni no Kuni fills that gap with a memorable cast, story and game style, that has and will continue to draw gamers that list for a genuine jRPG, even from users who previously steered clear of the PlayStation 3 in favor of other systems.

My issue isn't with the author, my issue is with the pointlessness, given a little research and understanding, that the article holds, why bother asking a question is there is only one answer, that you can discover for yourself with a little effort? something author should be putting in, before posting them on n4g.
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Scatigno  +   1116d ago
Thank you for that comment. It's frustrating because the article is in no way shape or form trolling the game and we are not as other people have said, a trolling site. I put this article out there because as a person who has admired and waited for this game since it's initial release in Japan I hope that people see the game for what it is and it doesn't get swept under the rug.

People don't know me and if they took the time would see how much I want this game to succeed. You don't write trolling articles about games you want to see have a lasting legacy.

My aim was to get people discussing Ni no Kuni, for us as gamers to take a step back and look at what the industry has become. Unfortunately that has apparently upset a lot of people who are now presuming I wrote this for site hits and to troll.

Trolling was never my intention and for anyone who reads the article and actually thinks about what I am saying then I am sure you will all see how passionate I am about this game, just as many of you are.

However to throw abuse at me is uncalled for and we should be able to have adult conversations without people getting personal.
BanBrother  +   1116d ago
I'm not going to 'disagree', as I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I respect yours. But the fact is Final Fantasy has been around since the 80's, Chrono Trigger started in 1995 and Legend Of mana started in the 90's also I believe (at least the Japanese version). You cannot expect this to be as large as them straight away. I wish it would, but chances are it won't.

Also, regardless of whether he has played this or not has no effect on the merit of this article. We all KNOW this game is great, whether it is of pre-conceptions or the great reviews. The fact remains this has a chance of slipping through unnoticed by as many as potentially possible.

Crysis 3. Dead Space 3. Aliens Colonial Marines. Metro last light. God Of War. Gears of War. Bioshock Infinite.

All of those games, and many more will unfortunately steal some of the light from Ni No Kuni. This article is merely pointing out the 'unfairness', if you will (that is how I interpreted'it). It is up to us gamers to spread the word, and make sure it is not forgotten. This article'only helps.

I myself am putting Ni No Kuni ahead of a lot of those big sequels, but I'm pretty sure not everyone will be.
Nivalis  +   1116d ago
You are completely skirting around the point that as a Studio Ghilbi game, it has the pre established base needed for a cult following, by default.

Last week at Tokyo Sky Tree there were people litterally waiting hours in the rain to buy a copy of the game from the Studio Ghilbi store on the 6th floor, just so they could say they bought it there rather than in some other store like Bic Camera

And how would i know that?

Because i was there :

As such with everything taken into account, it will be a classic regardless.
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Blackcanary  +   1116d ago
Nivalis I agree with you the fact that it is made by Studio Ghibli one of the best Japanese animation company's that made us fall in love with My Neighbour Totoro
The Castle of Cagliostro
Laputa Castle In The Sky
Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
Only Yesterday
The Cat Returns
Tails Of the Earth Sea
Spirited Away
Howls Moving Castle
Pon Pok Ko

just to the name a few Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will have an amzing following just because it is by Studio Ghibli that one of the main reasons why i am buying it.
raWfodog  +   1116d ago
The article wasn't necessary a 'trolling' article but it's title was meant to elicit a visceral response.

Gamers are a prideful bunch and will defend their choice of games more forcefully than other industries.

Gamers taste also vary widely. For example, out of all those games you mentioned: "Crysis 3. Dead Space 3. Aliens Colonial Marines. Metro last light. God Of War. Gears of War. Bioshock Infinite" the only title I'm interested in is God of War. To me, I would gladly play Ni No Kuni over those others because they hold no interest for me. But that's just me.

I think the overall truth about the article is that gamers tend to have short attention spans and don't play a lot of games through to completion. But the overall problem with the article is that it seems to equate a 'forgotten' title with one that had 'low' sales or was pushed aside by another game coming out.

But no game is forgotten if it still has a special place in a gamers heart. Awwwww....

EDIT: spelling
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Hingle_Mcringleberry  +   1116d ago
Apart from the 8000 people that will buy it, yes.
P_Bomb  +   1116d ago
You know it already sold 200,000 in Japan before launching in America yesterday, right?
raWfodog  +   1116d ago
You should know better than to feed the one-bubble trolls :)
erikthegman  +   1116d ago
Xbox owner for 6 years, buying a PS3 just for this game. lost Odyssey and tales of vesperia were the last 2 console RPG's I enjoyed
contradictory  +   1116d ago
i recommend getting:
MGS4 (seriously this game is a masterpiece)
Valkyria Chronicles
Uncharted 1-3
Demon's Soul
Heavy Rain
Katamari Forever
and Killzone games.

those are the best exclusives from the top of my head.
dboyman  +   1116d ago
Or even get the God of War Saga Collection (all 3 GOW main titles, plus HD remastered PSP games) and have all the games
#8.1.1 (Edited 1116d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
abzdine  +   1116d ago
welcome to the dark side!
dboyman  +   1116d ago
I recommend a lot of HD collections for PS3 ( Ratchet and Clank, Jak & Daxter, Infamous Collection). Also some of the PSN titles like Journey (they do have a disk based Journey Collection as well). Also Irecommend getting PS Plus. Not only you get an instant game collection, but additional benefits, like major psn discounts, exclusive bonuses and access to betas, as well as Cloud saves (one of few ways to backup locked game saves)

BTW Welcome to the Club!
joel_c17  +   1116d ago
Wow troll article
Daoshai  +   1116d ago
I think the name alone will scare off casuals, but they'll be missing something special. Best thing those of us with more invested game knowledge can do is recommend the game to others.
*casts a gateway spell* I'm out of here.
sdozzo  +   1116d ago
Dark Souls!
Blackcanary  +   1116d ago
So i read the article and the guy isn't really trolling at all.
He made a few points and a concern about where it stands when it comes to its release date when you have a few other titles coming out. Including the ones that have online play.

At the end he states
"I just hope I’m proved wrong and Ni no
Kuni will not fall into obscurity like so many that came before it.
Only time will tell."

I do believe that you will be proved wrong there hasn't been a single JRPG like this kind since the PS1 area and the PS2 area. And with the mixture of Pokemon in this game that feeling off wanna catch them all. And having the Over view world map like you had in FF 7,8 and other RPGs. This game has been able to bring the OLD SCHOOL back without it looking out dated. This is something we have been waiting for SE to do with the new FF games and are hoping that FF VS 13 will be like when it will be released. Level 5 and Studio Ghibli has helped us get a game that we've been asking for so long and i hoping other game studios will see that this style of gameplay is not a dieing formula and trend.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch will not have a problem with the likes of Dead Space 3 coming out and the other game you mentioned. Because these will be a game that everyone will remember with its 9/10 and 9.4/10 reviews that it has been receiving its art style and its story telling thanks to studio Ghibli, its amazing score when it comes to music and game game play. And If i know Level 5 right when something works and is right you will see a squeal as long as Studio Ghibli agree to it and i believe they will.

This is only the beginning for Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.
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barneythedinop255663   1116d ago | Spam
Roccetarius  +   1116d ago
I just can't get over the demographic this is aimed at, so it's not something for me.

I did love Lost Odyssey though.
Blackcanary  +   1116d ago
I couldn't careless about that i'm 27 and i'm still buying this game.

Shouldn't you be more focused on the game play and the story than the demographic that it is aimed at anyway?
#13.1 (Edited 1116d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Roccetarius  +   1116d ago
I've already seen someone play the first version released. The characters and general feel isn't something i like.
barneythedinop255663   1116d ago | Spam
dafegamer  +   1116d ago
More like destined to be the best game this year. Its a masterpiece and I think it will be hard for other games to top it(maybe except GoW ascension and The last of Us)
Well as for GTA V, if it will be the same like GTA IV, then i wont bother getting it cause i believe that GTAIV was terribly overrated. Played it for 4 hours and kinda got bored of it, dont get me wrong guys :'(
#15 (Edited 1116d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
shivvy24  +   1116d ago
i hope it succeeds , its not my type of game but hope it succeeds

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