Check out WipEout HD's soundtrack - don't like it? Use your own!

The WipEout series has always had excellent soundtracks and WipEout HD promises to be no exception. Sony has today revealed the full music list for the game, along with a plethora of other details, most of which we've seen before. The full soundtrack for the game is as follows:

MoveYa! & Steve Lavers: Chemical
Stanton Warriors: Tokyo
DJ Fresh: X-Project (100% Pure mix)
Ed Rush, Optical & Matrix: Frontline
Noisia: Seven Stitches
MIST: Smart Systems
Mason: Exceeder - Special mix
Booka Shade: Steady Rush
Kraftwerk: Aero Dynamik
Nothing on that list take your fancy? That's okay, WipEout HD will feature full custom soundtrack support, just like its PSP cousin, Wipeout Pulse.

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Frances-the-Mute3941d ago

cool, now i can cruise while listening to R&B

Coffin873941d ago

i still just LOVE the 2097 soundtrack...

driving to that album.. omg it would be mega awesome.

Lifendz3940d ago

"COME BREATH WITH ME" and "I'm a firestarter" are going to be my anthems. Taking it back to 1997.

Lucas223941d ago

does that mean that in game xmb wont be aviavlbe by then

SeanScythe3941d ago

several games have this option so it's not in-game xmb really

bOOmStiCK3941d ago

Mason - Exceeder is great record + custom is nice... Never really intended to buy this one but I'm thinking about reconsidering.

PirateThom3941d ago

Mine will probably consist of Aphex Twin and UNKLE.... or Radiohead and Ultravox.

DFresh3941d ago

Available soon on the PSN can't wait to play this game.
PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!