Are We Ready for Another Splinter Cell? (The Married Gamers)

With Ubisoft releasing a new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Married Gamers writer, John Catuira, wonders if gamers really want another one? Other than the most stalwart of fans, does the average gamer really care?

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DevilishSix1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Me to. Ironside was Sam Fisher for 5 games, 10 years, and two console generations. If they wanted to change it then it should be a new character. In my opinion, this is much worse then those complaining about the new DMC, cause at least that was called out as a reboot origin story. That is not the way this new Splinter Cell is being marketed.

First the excuse was motion capture was extensive and Ironside couldn't do it, but that is crap because technology is such that motion capture and seperate voice over can be synced perfectly. Then the excuse was that Ironside didn't like the script. This is all hogwash. They didn't want to pay Ironside in Conviction until the community had such an uproar about.

I think they didn't want to pay him again and the publisher doesn't care and are trying the skirt the subject.

OhMyGandhi1949d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I loved the older splinter cells, (pandora tomorrow, Chaos Theory).
But if the stealth aspect of those games is no longer present in Blacklist, then I couldn't care less.

gillri1949d ago

Coudn't care less!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FarCryLover1821949d ago

I am ready for a new Splinter Cell. I, however, do not want a new "Splinter Cell."

Fishy Fingers1948d ago

If the game is good, I'll play it. Really is that simple. Dont really care about whether the other "gamers" do or not.

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