GTA 5 PC Listings Appear On Amazon UK And Amazon Germany

GR - "Both international Amazon websites are now offering pre-orders for GTA 5 on the PC."

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IronFistChinMi1949d ago

It's definitely coming to pc, which is great. I'll buy it on the 360 first and get the pc version later and cheaper, for the mods.

Snookies121949d ago

Yeah, that's what I do. I get a console version and the PC version afterwards when it's cheap for mods. Good thinking there.

dirthurts1949d ago

I just wait for the PC version to become cheap. By then it's patched up and ready to go.
I don't mind waiting if I don't the bugs and high price points.

NYC_Gamer1949d ago

That's what i'm gonna do buy[best console version]until the PC version is released...

LightofDarkness1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Placeholders. Seriously. We've been through this.

While I don't doubt it will likely come to PC eventually, this is NOT a confirmation or any kind of sign. It's a website trying to cover any possibility for revenue.

NYC_Gamer1949d ago

That could be the case but Amazon have leaked many things before

Chrono1949d ago

It WILL be released, the question is how late?

MeatAbstract1947d ago

Didn't Rockstar say something about trying to bridge the gap between their console and PC releases? Like take Max Payne 3, there was only a week or so. I'd hope that it's a few months or something but as nothing has been truly confirmed, it could awhile off. I'd like to be wrong though.