How to Pick Up the Ladies on Xbox Live – A Lesson on Etiquette

5 things gamer girls hate experiencing on Xbox Live, and some friendly advice on a better approach to the gamer girl.

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iamnsuperman1705d ago

The only lesson that is needed: Just don't do it. I did notice this on the PSN where any girl would speak and then instantly guys would just be amazed and try and get her attention. Firstly you have no idea what she is like and looks like. Secondly it is dam pervy. It is like youtube comments about "how sexy that girls is" and "I want to bang her". It is creepy.

go out and find a nice girl
or use a credible dating site as they have improved vastly from what they used to be like. You can find yourself a gaming girl this way

GamerCheese1705d ago

No room on Live for love then?

iamnsuperman1705d ago

If you can find it then well done because my observation of online gaming services is men turn primitive when a woman's voice is heard (I am a man myself and I do worry with some of the approaches other males use on these services).

Funnily enough it is never the other way round. It isn't like females turn into the panel of loose women (Awful UK TV show) when they hear a man is online

Snookies121705d ago

I agree, I've seen the same thing on ANY game-related activity. Someone says they're female on Xbox, PSN, even MMO games like WoW. Guys start to flock over to the person as if they'd never seen a girl before... It's kind of pathetic if you ask me. Just go out and date or something... I'm pretty sure you'll find more females outside than you will on a game. (As you stated above, you don't even know what the actual person looks like anyway. Just because they're female and play games doesn't automatically make them a catch lol.)

Enemy1705d ago

Catfish: The Game. Only on Xbox Live!

kma2k1705d ago

how to loose credibility, post an article about how to pick up ladies on xbox live

GamerCheese1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

At GamerCheese, we're always worried about "loose" credibility.

2pacalypsenow1705d ago

I actually had a girl send me a picture once playing Uno with the live vision camera she was European and i was like 17 i thought i was the coolest kid lol

Bimkoblerutso1705d ago

You must have played a REALLY good round of Uno.

hazardman1705d ago

My cousin met his wife on xbox live and they're doing good. Its no different than using any other dating social sites etc.. but just like a lot of people are saying take caution you just never know man. Also a lot of posers out there.

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