Quantic Dream’s Tantalizing ‘PS4’ Project, XSeed’s Surprise Killer Game and Other Secrets

Kotaku: In mid-November, Quantic Dream registered the domain, suggesting a title and system for the second of two games the Parisian developer is said to be developing for Sony. Despite Cage declaring a lack of enthusiasm for the next generation of consoles, it's been evident for a while his company is eyeing future platforms.

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Ezz20131916d ago

so they have team working on beyond and team working on this Project

well that's awesome
i love how sony 1st/2nd party dev are working on both ps3 and ps4 games at the same time

that's a real support

Ezz20131916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

i don't think it's a new Heavy rain
because the game ended pretty well

let them keep working on new ip's

Cage also said he don't like sequels

SAE1916d ago

the developer said he dont like sequels so i doubt it ..

Akuma-1916d ago

i dont care what quantic dream does but i cant wait for it. ill buy it first day and have faith that itll be amazing. plus sony is backing them so ill be expecting nothing but quality.

BitbyDeath1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Spoiler *Most of the characters are dead, no point in doing a sequal unless it's a copycat in a different suburb with completely different characters. Even then I still don't see much point in it as the motive wouldn't be anywhere near as good as the first.

Abdou231916d ago

He said that sequels ruin the story. I hope other devs understand that not every game must have 2-3 sequels and online multiplayer.

BlindGuardian1916d ago

I hope they get to make Kara into a full game, it might end up going toe to toe with Cyberpunk 2077

Enemy1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

It's not Heavy Rain 2. When Beyond: Two Souls was announced, Quantic Dream confirmed they were working on a second IP which hasn't been named yet. It'll surely be on the PS4.

Only one thing is certain; if Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls look as good as they do on the PS3, their PS4 titles will be miraculous.

KwietStorm1916d ago

Did you actually play Heavy Rain? Because I don't see how anyone who did, could ask for a sequel. Its a great original IP anyway. No need for everything to get a successor.

2pacalypsenow1916d ago

Yeah Heavy rain 2 wouldnt work as almost everyone dies( depending on your ending) but the title itself its based on that particular story (Ethan getting closer to drowning the more and more it rains"

Temporary1916d ago

they COULD technically make a 'spiritual sequel' to heavy rain. Same TYPE of game just a different name and story.

I dont care though, anything they make will be a breath of fresh air like Heavy Rain was.

DivineAssault 1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Beyond 2 souls is the closest your going to see to a sequel.. Like 999 for the DS has a "sequel" called Zeros escape.. No need to keep the same thing going sometimes.. It gets stale like many games this gen..

Anyway, a new IP for PS4 is great news.. Im sure theres going to be some fantastic games coming within the next year or so for nx gen consoles

Fez1915d ago

Ezz and IDeath are correct... he said he don't like sequels. Infact I believe his actual words were:
"I doesn't like sequels. Thems ruin the story of the first game"

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GraveLord1916d ago

Bet we'll see PS4 tech demo from Quantic Dream!

turgore1916d ago

Bet we will piss our pants.

Premonition1916d ago

Just a few more months away :)

Root1916d ago




So hopefully this means it will actually be called the PS4 :D

tommygunzII1916d ago

After Playstation 1, 2, and 3 I think it's highly likely it will be named PS4. Anything else wouldn't make sense.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I want ps4 now! I can only Imagine what QD, GG & ND will do with new hardware.

showtimefolks1916d ago

I believe Sony will try to buy QD after release of beyond 2 souls.

Great plan by Sony for having 2 teams with each studio me doing ps3 games and other doing ps4.

I would also like to know what the other team at DM are working on since the original is working of war.

E3for Sony could be epic

Show uncharted 4 running on ps4 or atleast a trailer
GT6 with a release date would be killer if launches with PS4
Killzone 4 just to show what ps4 is capable of

Show SP new IP since most likely they are not doing infamous 3
New ratchet and clank game, do it properly. A direct story line follow up from a crack in time

Ready at dawn studios have been working on next gen title rumored to be for PS4

Can't wait for E3

imdaboss11916d ago

The reason why i support Sony so much is that they care about us gamers thats why you see so MANY exclusive games just for their console....They did messed up the price for the PS3..but they solved it within a year with a price drop..I hope they learn from their mistake and release it the same time as the next xbox with some killer games..

AngelicIceDiamond1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

If that's the case expect Quantic Dreams to make an appearance at E3 2013 to present another brand new game.

Dear E3 2013, SLAUGHTER! E3 of 2012 thank you ( :

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garos821916d ago

quantic dream developing for ps4? yes please and count me in.
This is why i love ps platform, there is something for everyone.
starting off 2013 far cry3 and soon ni no kuni this will be a great gaming year.

lfclee1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Next gen is coming but it's not the huge jump we expected in graphics department .

CBaoth1916d ago

Do you believe that next gen systems won't reach the 1080p60fps threshold Sony and MS have targeted? Or quite simply do you believe even if they do, it won't be as big a jump as this past one?

Baka-akaB1916d ago

i dunno why people keep telling themselves that . Even stuff like cod looks suddenly beautiful jumping from 720p , no even sub hd to 1080p

Bathyj1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Ok Mario, I can see why you'd say that.

tommygunzII1916d ago

I agree with you completely. I play PC games at 1080p and once you get a certain distance from the TV you couldn't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.
The difference from PS1 to PS2 was visible from a distance, same with PS2 to PS3, but you will have to get a little closer to see the differences between PS3 and PS4. Common sense really.

lfclee1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Your all deluded if you think you think it is going to be a huge difference in graphics , you'd have to look really close to notice the difference like tommygunz11 said.
Why are people so sad they don't like the truth are they that messed up that they believe everything they hear or are they strangers too the truth or know nothing what so ever about Gpu's , I put it down to all three claims !

stuna11915d ago

You all act like everyone is gaming on little a$z tv's! When I'm sure most gamers that perceive gaming as a entertainment outlet, would also view it as a hobby!

So speaking from my perspective, I invested in the best for my gaming pleasures, as I'm sure alot of others have!

So just to elaborate further: I have a 47in Sony Bravia 3D tv hooked up to a Samsung 7.2 channel 3D receiver, 4 Bass reflex Q Power tower speaker, with 4 small satellite speakers, a center channel speaker with a 400 watt Klipsch sub woofer, round it all off with a 3d Blu ray player by Samsung.

What I'm saying in all this is, to get the best!
There will be people willing to invest in the Best!

Also having a 47in tv has allowed me to differentiate 720p from 1080p quite easily .
OT: Quantic Dream are definately developers who have been able to unlock the magic of what the ps3 is capable of! and I'm sure that that trend will continue when it comes to the ps4.

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imdaboss11916d ago

It will be a huge enough for gamers for now..PS4 looks to be 50 percent more powerful then the next xbox

hazardman1916d ago

Dude..dude..dude come on now its gonna be Less than 50% dude don't exagerate. Rumoured specs have them being about the same and yes with PS4 being slighlty more powerful but 50% come on....hahahahahahaahaa....had to laugh. I'm buying both so I. Don't care its just your comment was funny 50% more powerful bwahahahahaha!!!! On a more serious note I asked the manager at my local gamestop if he had any word. He told us he believes Sony will announce something Feb. He could be wrong of course but he sounded very confident.

shadowwizard1916d ago

Well I can see that Sony will buy Quantic Dream in no-time, maybe after Beyond is released.

Ezz20131916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

yeah i think so two
they did that with SP and MM after infamous 2 and LBP2

i already see QD as 1st party dev anyway

Liquid_Ocelot1916d ago

I swear I thought Sony had acquired Quantic Dream. I wonder what the hell are they waiting for :)

ElitaStorm1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

2 games, just 2 games.

like sucker punch, but they must be good.

it's a simple mathematic

one good one bad = bad
one good two good = good
one good two good one bad = good

must game studios make one good the rest bad is that the ONE good game is there by default

I_am_Batman1916d ago

Sony would make a big mistake if they don't buy them. It was a mistake not buying Insomniac. Just look at Fuse and compare it to Resistance.

DigitalAnalog1916d ago

Last I checked, SONY offered to buy Insomniac multiple times but was denied because they insist on being independent.

Conzul1916d ago

Yay for PS4 possibly being called "PS4"! I've no beef with Orbis but I would have called it PS4 anyway and hope that people knew what I was talking about.