THQ Peace Meal Update

Bids are due 9am January 22nd
Auction will be held 3pm on January 22nd
Sale Hearing January 23rd at 9am
The auction will allow for bidders to bid on only certain assets (titles, studios, etc) in the auction

Other details from the hearing concerned the minimum overbid which was reduced as well as the extension of Clearlake Capital's DIP term loan to January 25th (as an over-advance line).

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hiredhelp1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Nothing showing Clicking on url works thoe.

sinncross1946d ago

Click on the credit URL, distressed-debt-investing. That has info in it.

Orange Juice1946d ago

It would be clever of Vince to buy the San Diego team(all stars team not smackdown team) and dubbed them WWE Games. All Stars is clearly the direction that fans prefer as well as the cheaper game to produce not to mention that a sequel was already underway.

Good_Guy_Jamal1946d ago

Is it still news if it's 2 weeks old?