Court filing reveals Saints Row, Darksiders, MX vs. ATV likely sold at THQ auction

PSU writes:

"The mystery of which THQ franchises are being sold at auction today may be solved. Mere moments ago, we reported on the legal action being taken by South Park Digital Studios to protect and retain rights to South Park: The Stick of Truth, an Obsidian-developed role-playing game based on the hit TV show. Closer examination of the complaint filed in the US Bankruptcy Court of Delaware by South Park Digital Studios may reveal which THQ franchises are up for grabs."

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Gimmemorebubblez1788d ago

Well as long as they end up in good hands I will be happy:)

Mocat1788d ago

I'm think about buying Darksiders my self and making it exclusive to me only. :p

MaxXAttaxX1788d ago

Now that I think about it, a multiplatform game going exclusive is a lot worse than an exclusive game going multiplatform.

unknownhero11231787d ago


bayonetta fans will agree with that.

wolokowoh1787d ago

@unknownhero1123 And Bayonetta went to a company that didn't have the first game on its platform.

DragonKnight1788d ago

Darksiders 1 and 2 may become collectibles in the Future if THQ goes completely under. I would suggest buying it for that added bonus, not to mention Darksiders is just an epic game, as is the second.

Soldierone1787d ago

THQ is done. The only way THQ stays together is if they don't get at least 60 million dollars from all the sales.

shark61901788d ago

It's a shame to see THQ's fate sealed. Even with a handful of rather successful IPs it seems it's a tough industry to compete in.

Kurt Russell1788d ago

It was never top dog, but it produced some really great IP's and seemed to take more chances than a lot of companies. Unfortunatly this generation has killed off variety and some how gamers fear trying something new or different.

Onehandband1t1788d ago

I agree it is a shame, also a difficult industry....Indeed.
Not sure who to blame really, not saying THQ games have been bad (I have certainly enjoyed most) but us as consumers are now expecting so much from developers and our hopes are way beyond expectations.

Or we could blame the likes of COD being so successful (I hate it!) which then has a knock on effect to other developers in the industry left in the dark.

cee7731787d ago

THQ themselves are to blame they stopped making shovel ware lol movie tie ins with disney and what not were profitable for them, then all of A sudden they stopped killing lots of potential revenue.

Just another case of when keeping it real goes wrong.

salsabandana1787d ago

A big part of their financial woes is due to the failure of Udraw. They invested a lot of resources in it expecting it to do well because of the tablet craze and it was a bomb-a-roo.

Yodagamer1787d ago

That Udraw tablet just killed them when they brought it over to the xbox 360/ps3, it did well on wii and didn't do as well on them. It was probably due to anyone wanting one had one on wii.

talisker1787d ago

Or maybe because it's just a plastic toy, not really a tablet.

Yodagamer1787d ago

@Talisker, it wasn't ever advertised as such it was a pad to draw on, then again the ps3/xbox 360 version weren't exactly advertised much :P

papajag1788d ago

Come on Sony get Darksiders and turn it into the next GoW but still keep it RPG.

Merrill1788d ago

I don't see the logic in that statement. I also really disliked Darksiders, the colour pallet hurt my eyes.

Ezz20131788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

santa monica make it with GOW engine ...just think darksiders with GOW3/A engine
what would look like hmmmm @[email protected]

rpd1231788d ago

Why, because there was actually color in the game?

Flavor1787d ago

Yeah that mud brown color palette from GoW is so appealing.

GraveLord1788d ago

eww no. The game doesn't stand up to God of War at all. The art style hurts my eyes.

hellvaguy1787d ago

Maybe what really hurts your eyes is from the demon taking over your soul. Darksiders represents a religious passage involving the apocalypse and the 4 horseman.

Maybe you should go bath in holy water.

rpd1231787d ago

Well that's all a matter of opinion. I thought Darksiders was more entertaining than God of War. I liked how they simplified everything and their puzzles were better. And the art style was really cool in my opinion. Reminds me of a 90s comic. Both are awesome games though.

Qrphe1788d ago

Darksiders an RPG? By that definiton GoW already was an RPG.

smashman981788d ago

I won't deny the similarities between ds 1 and gow but ds 2 is without a doubt definitely an rpg

jtenma1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

No Qrpe. It is literally an RPG. (DS2)

It has loot tables. Armor enchanting and crafting. As well is the obligatory exp-to-upgrade-skills system.

You should actually play it sometime.

THC CELL1788d ago

Sony buy saints row it will be good to have ye own crime free roam game

Root1788d ago

They could turn it into their own GTA if they wanted, it would be nice to see a open world game taking advantage of the PS3s tec

EeJLP-1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

I'd rather it be their own new IP, not Saints Row.

Liquid_Ocelot1788d ago

I'd much rather have Sony bring back The Getaway :'( Jesus Christ I miss that game.
Probably EA will try to acquire Saints Row?

PirateThom1788d ago

The Getaway, for all its faults, was a lot of fun.

Liquid_Ocelot1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Agreed, The Getaway was amazing.

KingofGambling1788d ago

Getaway amazing series, let's hope the new one would be on the PS4.

palaeomerus1788d ago

Yah. I'm sure Volition really wants an audience about 1/3 as big as they had.

Yodagamer1787d ago

I certainly hope not, if they put online in it, they'll close the servers in a year...

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WetN00dle691788d ago

I want Saints Row to still be released on the Xbox!

Kevlar0091788d ago

"This just in, major THQ properties in the sale have been obtained by Nintendo"

Now wouldn't that be funny (or sad)

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ZeroChaos1788d ago

I hope we find out soon who bought what :(

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