Why aren’t high profile multi-platform games coming to the Wii U?

Gimme Gimme Games writes about why third parties may be shying away from the Wii U with high-profile multiplatform games like GTA V, Lightning Returns, Dead Space 3 and others.

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NYC_Gamer1948d ago

Nintendo isn't trying hard enough to collect more 3rd party software

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EddieNX 1948d ago

I say give the console a bit more time before you condem. Otherwise you will all have to eat your words when it does get decent third party support.

It will get 1st , 2nd and third party exclusives however and that's all I'm mainly interested in...

iamnsuperman1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I think new games have something to do with them being too far down the development cycle to warrant doing it. I know porting cost around 1 or 2 million (reports have said this) but from a third party view point is this worth it if these gamers already own a PS3 or 360

We will see for the future but it is really down to what Microsoft and Sony release and I think a lot of developers will be holding out for them

AJBACK2FRAG1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Why would Rockstar leave all that money laying around on the ground when all they'd have to do was pick it up. I really think alot of people are gonna get a big surprise! (@ E3!) Say they sell a million copies that's almost a fifty nine million dollar take. Der.

iamnsuperman1947d ago

That is true but it but the issue I see the may deter Rockstar is hwo many Wii U owners still have a 360 or PS3? I say a small amount will not which form Rockstar's point could make a Wii U port very risky and they may not bother/ do it at a latter date with all the DLC on the disc

sdozzo1948d ago

Does there really need to be an article on this topic?

fatstarr1948d ago

Why Didnt high profile multi-platform games coming to the Gamecube?

Nintendo hate,

Why Didnt high profile multi-platform games coming to the wii?

the wii was weak in terms of graphics

PirateThom1948d ago

Yes, it can't possibly be the fact third party game sales on the Game Cube were so far below other platforms, they started to scale back.

It can't possibly be the fact the games developers were making just wouldn't run on the Wii.

It can't possibly be the fact developers were begging for more power and Nintendo give them an XBox 360+ with a screen controller no one asked for.

fatstarr1948d ago

Some games sold better on the GC than it did on the PS2/Xbox. GameCube fans didn't buy the trash/low quality multi-platform form games + why buy the same game twice if you have a GC/Ps2 or GC/xbox you fell for the bs, devs just didn't like Nintendo.

the wii gave devs what they wanted a real reason not to make games for a Nintendo system. many games could have been down ported to the wii for a spin off that would cost the devs nothing to make.

the wiiu, is a step up from the wii, it has all the power needed it just shows the Hypocrisy of the devs and the industry they just choose not to try when it comes to making games for Nintendo console. if ps4 is slightly more powerful than the wiiu I bet you they still make games and barely complain about begging for more power.

AJBACK2FRAG1947d ago

Lol! Third party developers for the "Cube" couldn't compete with Nintendo's own triple A's. I think the Wii U's being sold right now are actually functional so it really shouldn't be compared with the 360. Lol. You don't like Nintendo. Got it. Now move along. The Wii won the seventh generation video game console war. Try to keep that mind when the Wii U is kicking Sony and Microsoft's butt around the block, again. Just try not to be bitter when you're favored video game console comes in last. Behind two Game Cubes duct taped together. Later's!

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