Temple Run 2 Cheats

Imangi Studios, the makers of Temple Run, have now released Temple Run 2. Use our Temple Run 2 cheats which includes guides, hints, tips, and hacks to get unlimited coins and gems.

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TrendyGamers1944d ago

I still can't believe it did 20 million downloads in a couple days.

alexcosborn1944d ago

People sure love their Temple Run.

Foolsjoker1944d ago

Apparently, I have been asleep at the wheel, didn't know they made a sequel.

dbjj120881944d ago

Way better than the first, but doesn't ruin the addictive nature of the game.

doctorstrange1944d ago

I'll admit it, I downloaded it

Hufandpuf1944d ago

Nothing to be ashamed about, it's free.

WilliamH1944d ago

I hate the mine cart section, so f**king awkward