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NowGamer: "A funny platformer/puzzle game, The Cave is a little rough around the edges and forces players into backtracking across its levels, but Double Fine's humour and characters make it worth it."

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VikingDaddy1554d ago

The score seemed low, but reading the review, this is about what I expected from the game, to be honest.

dirthurts1554d ago

The Gametrailers review was much more positive, and seemed to line up with my expectations actually.
I'll be giving this a try, for varieties sake if nothing else.

OhMyGandhi1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Ron Gilbert + Double Fine = A game that shouldn't be getting such average reviews.

myproffs1553d ago

looking forward to play this game. was waiting for this game to come out today on steam grr they have change to tomorrow