South Park attempts to block THQ auction of The Stick of Truth

GS:South Park license owners attempting to claim rights to upcoming RPG off THQ ahead of today's auction.

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NYC_Gamer1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

The game needs to be delayed until a better publisher could be found that would back the project with proper funding

samus41451920d ago

If I was them, I would be doing the same thing. Let them shop it around instead.

Bimkoblerutso1920d ago

Yeah, I can understand them not wanting the sale of their IP to be in the hands of a publisher that JUST went bankrupt.

roadkillers1920d ago

They do. I think you misunderstood this, South Park Studios wants THQ to finish the project with proper funding. Or am I misunderstanding this?

360ICE1920d ago

It doesn't say what they're planning to do with it, just that they want to secure the rights for themselves before THQ actions them away to someone without them having a say.

I'm guessing they probably want to make sure the game falls in the right hands themselves.

League_of_Draven1920d ago

I don't see why they would even bother. The game is going to flop anyway. South Park hasn't been good for years and the game doesn't look any better.

koh1919d ago

Since a completely different group of people didn't make a great game based on this show 10 years ago this group of people should just quit on a project they've been working on for 2 years? Im glad not everyone is as pessimistic as you.

FantasyStar1920d ago

Looking at GS's article, there's no hint that handing over IP control will change when the game's coming out or even hints a question toward its development since THQ is still bounded by contract to push the game.