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Submitted by TimNunes 1114d ago | opinion piece

DMC Old Dante DLC is a contradiction, not a middle ground

Tim from writes, "The Devil May Cry series dried up for me when Nero showed up. The fourth game turned into DMC2-2, especially when I was abruptly thrown into Dante's complex combat system after spending most of the game with Nero. Thanks to Ninja Theory, the DMC franchise is now in good hands, but the latest move to alleviate tension with old, faithful fans by including downloadable content of Old Dante skins is leaving the new fans wondering, 'Why make the cool new Dante look like a poser version of the old one?'" (DmC: Devil May Cry, Ninja Theory, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

VileAndVicious  +   1114d ago
Im not really understanding why some people feel as though NT changing Dantes hair white somehow contradicts how they've redesigned him.

Even in the first trailer shown back in 2010 the original version of Dante they were going to use had black hair with white streaks growing in. This was foreshadowing that his hair was going to eventually turn white.

Hell, even when NT first revealed Vergil in a later trailer it should have become even more apparent what was going to happen, considering they are both twins and Vergil was shown already having a head of white hair.
TimNunes  +   1114d ago
As the article mentions, the call backs to the original inspiration in the established reboot itself are essentially good references. If you had finished the game, you would already know that, since the article doesn't complain about it, the white hair isn't the issue, but rather the DLC is.
zerocrossing  +   1114d ago
I was OK with the hair changing to white, in fact I saw that coming shortly after the original trailer released.

What annoyed me a little with this DLC, is that it should have been a free unlock after completing the game or an alt costume from the start, that mite have curved some hate on the new Dante design side of the argument.

Either way some people will just hate DmC because it marks the end or "death" of the original cannon, now I know the original games still exists but it would have been nice seeing the story concluded, but Capcom's half arsed attempt at DMC4 contributed to the lack of interest in the franchise ultimately leading to the reboot.

In short if Capcom tried to make DMC4 a better game instead being lazy we'd have got DMC5 and this whole debacle could have been avoided.
fabiani  +   1114d ago
I want it cuz his trench coat is to short n not red.but anyways this is the second best dmc nxt to dmc3.i hope the rebellion gets an upgrade cuz they try to hard to make it look different.
TemplarDante  +   1114d ago
The ass kissing Ive been reading on Playstation Universe for DmC is so shameless..
Now, this article calls the old Dante a "poser", he is "uncool" because he doesnt pick up two women from clubs and indulge in threesomes in a trailer?
Just... pathetic. How sad. Just how F'd up is this world?
Im sick of the fakeness in the world..
Irrespective of how much whoring out this game gets, its still lagging behind DMC4 sales.
Sad, And to top it all off, this new Dante may get aids from engaging in casual sex with unknown females from clubs in his trailer. Whats worse? Maybe he gave them aids.. He does look kinda sickly... He's too cool to eat his veggies now, I guess looking like a junkie and like you have scurvy is cool these days.
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kenoh   1114d ago | Spam
TimNunes  +   1113d ago
The article says, "Why make the cool new Dante look like a poser of the old one?" This clearly indicates that the attempted look for the new Dante makes him look like a poser of the old Dante, and in no way does it imply that the old Dante is a poser.
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MasterCornholio  +   1114d ago
Capcom loves taking advantage of fans of the original Dante. What they should have done is enable the costume for free after you beat the game with alcoholic Dante.
DangerousDAN  +   1114d ago
Hey, don't criticise the new Dante for drinking. Did you forget all those bottles Dante had on his desk in DMC1's intro. What, was that applejuice and ketchup? Dante has been a drunk since the beginning, he just never got around to show it to you. Good for him, everyone needs some downtime.
csreynolds  +   1114d ago
Let me get this straight:

- People complain about 'new Dante'
- Ninja Theory releases 'old Dante' DLC - probably to appease haters by way of a compromise (at least, that's my non-cynical, non-hatred-fuelled interpretation)
- Haters complain about old Dante DLC

I'm glad I don't work for NT/Capcom. Trying to please this spoilt collective of entitled cry babies would drive me insane.
Xklaw  +   1114d ago
Why are they releasing this DLC, aren´t they confident in their product? It´s to late, they shouldn´t have alienated the fans from the begining, and now problably they are suffering in the sales department. And haven´t you payed any attention, it isn´t about the FUCKING HAIR. This Dlc will change nothing. And don´t forget about Vergil Dlc that sould be on the disk and not another quick cash scheme. I´ll eventually pick this game up, but no way i´m paying full price for this.
Hanso  +   1114d ago
used is the only option crapcom will never have my monies
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csreynolds  +   1114d ago
It's not about a lack of confidence! *bangs head against wall*

I have been paying attention. I just can't help but see how ridiculous this all is. In my time as a gamer I've witnessed many franchises I love evolve in ways I personally didn't like: Resident Evil, Tekken, Call of Duty, Need for Speed - I could go on. But do you know what I did? I GOT OVER IT.

If you hate DmC that much, go play DMC 4. It's still current, and still holds its own as a stellar hack-and-slash IP. Moaning about DmC on N4G over and over and over again makes you sound like obnoxious teenagers who believe the world owes them everything. Newsflash: sometimes games will disappoint you. It's an inevitability inherent to the industry that hasn't changed in 20+ years, and the very fact that a petition has materialised asking US President Barack Obama to pull the game from shelves illustrates how irrational people's reaction to NT's reboot is.

Please, for the sake of humanity, let it go. Disagree with me to your heart's content, but in the grand scheme of things it's just a videogame; in a world where war is prevalent and the economy's on the verge of collapse, you should be thankful that this 'controversy' is the biggest issue on your mind right now.
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Sevir  +   1114d ago
CSReynolds you are talking sense but you are also talking
To Mannequins! It falls on deaf ears. I'm glad there are people who are objective enough to see beyond the senseless crap thrown towards these devs who has delivered. :-) game on bro.
csreynolds  +   1114d ago

Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated :-)
TemplarDante  +   1114d ago
Im and old fan, and this lame crap dlc DOES NOT and NEVER EVER will convince me to buy this.
Irony.. NT thinks this new lame Dante is cool...
My God, he looks as uncool as they couldve made him.
PROOF: NT does NOT know cool.
Even with the old Dante Clothes, the new dante still resembles the filth you would find stuck on the floor of a dark junkie infested alleyway of a slum in a run down and forgotten part of town.
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Hanso  +   1114d ago
well said
Donte doesnt even know about cuurrzay Party
Linsolv  +   1113d ago
You don't know cool either, brah. 'Cool' is a subjective term at best. If we were to look at common traits of modern "cool," though, you would find that rebellious teenaged antiheroes who spend most of their time raging and less of their time cracking jokes are pretty much cool.

If we're not allowing each person to choose what cool is for themselves, then I'm sorry to say that your idea of cool? Not that cool. Neither is mine, of course. Cool is defined by American Idol, by Wal-Mart, because fundamentally there's so many people out there who just listen to corporate mouthpieces that no matter how right you think you are, you'll just be drowned out and shouted down.

I agree that the DLC was a stupid move; if you want a massive break in image from the old Dante--a move they should've known from the beginning was going to be controvercial, right or wrong--trying to meet people halfway on it and give them back a slightly similar character is just stupid. You need to stick to your guns and follow through on your decisions.

DmC seems to be getting a lot of positive press and I think that NT's decision has made them a fair success, and part of that success was their willingness to put it on the line. This move shows them backing down on that, and I don't really dig it.

But to say that NT "doesn't know what cool is?" They know what it is better than you do. How many units has your game sold? Don't make it a pissing contest on facts because if it comes down to numbers: you lose.
contradictory  +   1114d ago
am not!
Xklaw  +   1114d ago

I don´t hate DmC, but i don´t like it either. If a franchise goes in a way i don´t like, i won´t buy it full price, it´s as simple as that. I still play DMC4 from time to time, but as with all games you get bored with it in a long run so don´t give me that "go play DMC4" shit. They are only trying to cater to old fans with this dlc thinking that´s our only problem is the hair. Why would they do that since they clearly stated that they didn´t care what the fans tought?
Since you´ve been paying attention i don´t need to tell what the old fans were complaing about and don´t put us all in the same bag as those morons with the petition.

With all that aside, the only moaning i´m doing is about the dlc´s. I was willing to give this game a chance until i saw that trailer of Vergil DLC. For you it´s just a videogame, for me it´s my money. I like videogames, and I pay for them, and when i see a product with inferior quality, less features, and with leftout content it´s a no brainer that i´ll wait for a price drop. I´m personally not supporting this game because of the dlc´s. And those that bought this game full price are only encouraging Capcom to continue this shitty practices.

Don´t patronize me with "should be thankful that this 'controversy' is the biggest issue on your mind right now". This site is about videogames, so we talk about videogames around here. But if you want my opinion about the world economy, wars, religion, etc...i would problably educate you in some matters. I have my own concerns, and this "contoversy" it´s not even an issue for me since i made my mind long ago about this game. We do agree in one thing, it´s just a videogame, but what you are failing to see it´s the message underlined: We are not all mindless sheep, we won´t buy just because you say it´s good, we have our own opinion about this product.
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csreynolds  +   1114d ago
A few points:

Show me where NT themselves said they didn't care about the fans. Find me a credible statement/proof that supports this and I'll eat my words. Until then, you cannot declare your interpretation of the developer's intentions as fact.

I know what the old fans were complaining about, yes, but I feel I must stress this again: it's a reboot, an IP that, for whatever reason, steps away from its previous incarnations in attempt to create something new; a reinvention, if you will. It's not DMC 5. For that reason, it will be different from past games - characters, plot, mechanics, environment, target audience and so on. To that end, being a reboot, DmC is not like past games; what were you expecting, exactly?

You say people are encouraging Capcom's "shitty practices" by buying the game at full price. You infer that they are mindless sheep for doing so, yet in the same paragraph imply that your opinion should be respected? Please. Once the 8/10 and 9/10 scores rolled in, all of a sudden websites were on Capcom's payroll. Articles began to surface about how corrupt reviewers were, and how people who liked the game were idiots. Fact is, haters spew venom at anyone who dares to say "yeah, DmC's pretty good". "We have our own opinion about this product", but apparently, only one PoV actually matters.

As for being patronising, I was merely trying to point out that this situation has been blown way out of proportion. You got personal, reckoning you could educate me (pot calling kettle black much?). You say this is a videogame issue on a videogames site, and I agree, but clearly some feel this is a matter the President should be taking time out of his schedule to resolve. You can hardly accuse me of straying off-topic with a fleeting, in-context remark when people are actually appealing to a world figure for resolution.

Lastly, I did not tell you to buy this game, nor did I say it was good. My actual point was:

"I'm glad I don't work for NT/Capcom. Trying to please this spoilt collective of entitled cry babies would drive me insane."

Following this exchange, I will be maintaining my stance on this subject.
VileAndVicious  +   1113d ago
Xklaw  +   1113d ago
A couple of links for you if your interested in some reading.

As far as i know this was never discredited, and the source seems pretty solid.

I understand that´s a Reboot, and because of that it will always be compared to the original. Every review compared it to the original in some form or another.
I wasn´t expecting anything, i was always on the fence waiting to see what would come out of this and the end result didn´t pleased me. It´s not with this "Dante" skin dlc that i´ll change my mind.
I bet you never saw me saying that reviews were paid or anything of the sort, because to pay all those reviews would be nonsense, even though there´s an study out there relating high scores to high sales.
As for my opinion being respected, it will be as much respected as of those who calls people with legit complaints of haters, crybabies, whiners and so on.
And yes, mindless sheep, because even though lots of people complain about dlc they keep buying it instead of standing their ground. If you want the full experience, buy dlc, that´s how it is these days.

"We have our own opinion about this product"- so what, you have your opinion i have mine, your sticking to yours and i´m sticking to mine, otherwise we wouldn´t be having this conversation.

I got personal, because: don´t judge if you don´t want do be judged. We are talking videogames, and all that last sentence of yours "Please, for the sake of humanity, let it go...biggest issue on your mind right now." felt like patronizing me like i am some kid that knows nothing of the world.
About the matter with the president, man, that thing was so moronic that make all of us gamers look bad. And to make things worse, there´s a lot of attention on the videogame industry because of the shootings, we don´t need any more bad press.

I understood your point about you being glad for not working for NT/Capcom, that´s why i asked: "Why are they releasing this DLC, aren´t they confident in their product?"
And then provided some enlightment on the question : "they shouldn´t have alienated the fans from the begining, and now problably they are suffering in the sales department."

Because if they did alienated the fans, why would they want to make this dlc, specialy with all this controversy about fans, haters, the reviews, the metacritic reviews and so on?
csreynolds  +   1113d ago

Okay. As I promised, I will eat my words on that particular part of this discussion. It would appear that NT’s front man isn’t so hot on PR. Fair point made.

As for the rest of the points you make, I feel it is probably better for us to agree to disagree on certain things and not let this escalate into an endless exchange of conflicting views. I do appreciate that there are some DMC fans who are handling the DmC situation better than others, and my intention was not to tarnish everyone with the same brush, but let’s be honest: there is a significant proportion of the fan base that is letting the side down for you.

If you felt patronised by what I said about the bigger picture, I apologise. In honesty, part of my frustration comes from what’s happening to the industry on the whole; reviews are constantly being called into question (almost negating the point of them), many sites care more about hits than content – or even videogames – and on topic, I’ve read so many hate comments on N4G about DmC that my automatic reaction now is “really? Get a grip!”. I guess I should bear in mind that not everyone is purely out to troll…

All said and done, I stand by my original opinion; I like DmC, and I believe it deserves the scores it’s been receiving from critics. However, I also take your views on board, and I appreciate the fact that this discussion did not evolve into a slanging match as most do.

Do pick up DmC at some point, even if you wait until it's much cheaper. It isn't like the old DMC titles, but it is good.
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TemplarDante  +   1114d ago
Im am still utterly and disgustingly shocked at the massive ignorance on the part of Capcom and NT... It was never about hair, or clothes, folks.
To me, it was the character. This Dante is so wrong on so many levels. The saddest thing is, it would have made more sense if they said he was 13yrs old. Instead, he is a rebellious douchebag in his 20's. Im in my 20's, I feel 100% disconnected from the new persona of this Dante. It just screams "trying too hard to be cool", the sad part is, NT theory designed the kind of character normal people hate and the kind of character fake people love.
Still, apart from all that, this game, its combat, its shoddy framerate has forever made me question video game review site. Apart from cheap scripts, bad one liners and a general potty mouth from a what looks to be a degenerative cokehead, how did this game amass the scores it garnered?
Shocking. 30fps on Xbox 360. 20-30fps for PS3. And I swear the reviews painted it as the Holy Grail of excellence.
But hey, thats okay, I got Ni No Kuni instead, loving every second of it, reward excellence where its due I say. I will never buy this, nope, not even if the price drops. Why? you ask. Buying it would show a proverbial nod to Capcom to throw Onimusha under the bus by allowing those arrogant useless entitled feeling fan abusing devs Ninja Theory the go ahead to ruin Onimusha. Better to R.I.P Onimusha, than resurrect into this abomination the new kids buying this brand call DmC.
If we never see a DMC5, Rest in peace old Dante, Lady, Trish, Nero, Vergil. This franchise of Devil May Cry is dead to me. *throws dust on its casket*
DangerousDAN  +   1114d ago
You need to calm down, man.
DangerousDAN  +   1114d ago
It really doesn't matter if it's DmC or DMC. If Capcom had made DMC5 they'd be selling DLC of Dante's costumes from DMC1-4 or some other bullshit. That's who they are now, it's what they do.

I also don't understand why this DLC bothers a lot of you. This will only affect people who bought DmC and from what I can tell, most of you probably didn't and don't want to at all. So, I don't see the reasons for the many complaints other than the fact that maybe you just want to jab an insult or two at Capcom. If you did buy DmC, sure, be a little angry about it not being an unlockable, since that's how things typically were, but you should've expected it knowing how Capcom behaves today.

If you think these costumes were put there for the old fans, well, it was, but more specifically, the old fans that gave DmC a shot and liked it and still want to keep playing it. If you gave it a shot and still didn't like it, then none of this is for you, since you probably won't replay the game, it shouldn't affect you.
nikrel  +   1114d ago
I'll buy this when it drops to 20 bucks, new or used whatever 20 comes first.

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