DMC Old Dante DLC is a contradiction, not a middle ground

Tim from writes, "The Devil May Cry series dried up for me when Nero showed up. The fourth game turned into DMC2-2, especially when I was abruptly thrown into Dante's complex combat system after spending most of the game with Nero. Thanks to Ninja Theory, the DMC franchise is now in good hands, but the latest move to alleviate tension with old, faithful fans by including downloadable content of Old Dante skins is leaving the new fans wondering, 'Why make the cool new Dante look like a poser version of the old one?'"

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VileAndVicious1914d ago

Im not really understanding why some people feel as though NT changing Dantes hair white somehow contradicts how they've redesigned him.

Even in the first trailer shown back in 2010 the original version of Dante they were going to use had black hair with white streaks growing in. This was foreshadowing that his hair was going to eventually turn white.

Hell, even when NT first revealed Vergil in a later trailer it should have become even more apparent what was going to happen, considering they are both twins and Vergil was shown already having a head of white hair.

TimNunes1914d ago

As the article mentions, the call backs to the original inspiration in the established reboot itself are essentially good references. If you had finished the game, you would already know that, since the article doesn't complain about it, the white hair isn't the issue, but rather the DLC is.

zerocrossing1913d ago

I was OK with the hair changing to white, in fact I saw that coming shortly after the original trailer released.

What annoyed me a little with this DLC, is that it should have been a free unlock after completing the game or an alt costume from the start, that mite have curved some hate on the new Dante design side of the argument.

Either way some people will just hate DmC because it marks the end or "death" of the original cannon, now I know the original games still exists but it would have been nice seeing the story concluded, but Capcom's half arsed attempt at DMC4 contributed to the lack of interest in the franchise ultimately leading to the reboot.

In short if Capcom tried to make DMC4 a better game instead being lazy we'd have got DMC5 and this whole debacle could have been avoided.

fabiani1913d ago

I want it cuz his trench coat is to short n not red.but anyways this is the second best dmc nxt to dmc3.i hope the rebellion gets an upgrade cuz they try to hard to make it look different.

TemplarDante1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

The ass kissing Ive been reading on Playstation Universe for DmC is so shameless..
Now, this article calls the old Dante a "poser", he is "uncool" because he doesnt pick up two women from clubs and indulge in threesomes in a trailer?
Just... pathetic. How sad. Just how F'd up is this world?
Im sick of the fakeness in the world..
Irrespective of how much whoring out this game gets, its still lagging behind DMC4 sales.
Sad, And to top it all off, this new Dante may get aids from engaging in casual sex with unknown females from clubs in his trailer. Whats worse? Maybe he gave them aids.. He does look kinda sickly... He's too cool to eat his veggies now, I guess looking like a junkie and like you have scurvy is cool these days.

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TimNunes1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

The article says, "Why make the cool new Dante look like a poser of the old one?" This clearly indicates that the attempted look for the new Dante makes him look like a poser of the old Dante, and in no way does it imply that the old Dante is a poser.

MasterCornholio1913d ago

Capcom loves taking advantage of fans of the original Dante. What they should have done is enable the costume for free after you beat the game with alcoholic Dante.

DangerousDAN1913d ago

Hey, don't criticise the new Dante for drinking. Did you forget all those bottles Dante had on his desk in DMC1's intro. What, was that applejuice and ketchup? Dante has been a drunk since the beginning, he just never got around to show it to you. Good for him, everyone needs some downtime.

csreynolds1913d ago

Let me get this straight:

- People complain about 'new Dante'
- Ninja Theory releases 'old Dante' DLC - probably to appease haters by way of a compromise (at least, that's my non-cynical, non-hatred-fuelled interpretation)
- Haters complain about old Dante DLC

I'm glad I don't work for NT/Capcom. Trying to please this spoilt collective of entitled cry babies would drive me insane.

Xklaw1913d ago

Why are they releasing this DLC, aren´t they confident in their product? It´s to late, they shouldn´t have alienated the fans from the begining, and now problably they are suffering in the sales department. And haven´t you payed any attention, it isn´t about the FUCKING HAIR. This Dlc will change nothing. And don´t forget about Vergil Dlc that sould be on the disk and not another quick cash scheme. I´ll eventually pick this game up, but no way i´m paying full price for this.

Hanso1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

used is the only option crapcom will never have my monies

csreynolds1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

It's not about a lack of confidence! *bangs head against wall*

I have been paying attention. I just can't help but see how ridiculous this all is. In my time as a gamer I've witnessed many franchises I love evolve in ways I personally didn't like: Resident Evil, Tekken, Call of Duty, Need for Speed - I could go on. But do you know what I did? I GOT OVER IT.

If you hate DmC that much, go play DMC 4. It's still current, and still holds its own as a stellar hack-and-slash IP. Moaning about DmC on N4G over and over and over again makes you sound like obnoxious teenagers who believe the world owes them everything. Newsflash: sometimes games will disappoint you. It's an inevitability inherent to the industry that hasn't changed in 20+ years, and the very fact that a petition has materialised asking US President Barack Obama to pull the game from shelves illustrates how irrational people's reaction to NT's reboot is.

Please, for the sake of humanity, let it go. Disagree with me to your heart's content, but in the grand scheme of things it's just a videogame; in a world where war is prevalent and the economy's on the verge of collapse, you should be thankful that this 'controversy' is the biggest issue on your mind right now.

Sevir1913d ago

To Mannequins! It falls on deaf ears. I'm glad there are people who are objective enough to see beyond the senseless crap thrown towards these devs who has delivered. :-) game on bro.

csreynolds1913d ago


Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated :-)

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