Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Review | EGM

Games like Ni no Kuni capture that sense of wonder that drew gamer into gaming in the first place, and they’re proof that the little kid who spent entire summers immersed in the faraway lands of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest is still inside—it just takes something special like Ni no Kuni to draw him out these days.

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Merrill1880d ago

Great game so far - 4 hours in.

MmaFan-Qc1880d ago

Ni No Mila Kunis?

im getting the digital version, any idea about how long the game could last?(if i play and grind at a normal pace)

Merrill1879d ago

At least 80hrs if you want to platinum it, possibly more.

joab7771880d ago

I am so happy, u am finally playing it. And i know that Game Informer is gonna wish they could redo this review because they are way off base and r gonna look quite silly when next yr this game gets goty nods and awards and they gave it a 7. I will bet that most their employees will have it in their top 10. Hopefully the readers will rectify this mistake with their choice next yr.

RPG12011880d ago

People fish for hits, enjoy this masterpiece.