Why Epic Games Needs a New Unreal Tournament

A growing PC gaming market, refreshingly and slightly absurd theatrics, a profitable free to play potential, and taking it back to basics. These are the key reasons Nick Pinkterton of The Game Fanatics believes it's time to revisit Unreal Tournament. Take a glance into the method behind his madness here.

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NYC_Gamer1919d ago

UT3 left a bad taste with many fans and doubt Epic could build a solid UT experience anymore

GillHarrison1919d ago

I agree. I don't really think a new UT would even sell, Call of Duty sort of has a monopoly on arcade style FPS games.

Eldyraen1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

To be fair, CoD and UT are no where near the same type of shooter. The differences are huge other than they both have guns and a definite lack of realism.

There is plenty of room for diversity and people that lump some games together are just kidding themselves as the games can play completely different and have different fans (with some that like both of course).

A game doesn't need to sell 10 million like CoD to be profitable, especially as Unreal has the engine anyways. If they made a new one, even as a downloadable arcade title, plenty of people would give it a shot. Granted I'd rather UE4 and a big retail product just for the graphics to be top notch ;)

ATi_Elite1919d ago

Epic Games dropped the ball on this one and should have maintained support for UT3 like Valve has done with TF2.

With Shootmania coming out and moving Twitch shooters forward i really dont see Epic Games doing anything worth while with a new UT.....other than making too Gears of Warsy.

MmaFan-Qc1919d ago

Shootmania suck seriously, i really want to see a new nervous fps(a la UT and Q3) worthwhile.

ZeroX98761919d ago

simple fps, but mix it with speed and skill.... PWNING TIME!!!

but seriously, going F2P would be nice for this game. there was always a lot of mods and some of the maps were amazing.
miss the good old days....

coolmast3r1919d ago

F2P in the next UT? Hell no.

Bigkurz851919d ago

what was everyone's problem with UT3 anyways?

LackTrue4K1919d ago

I love it, I was playing it last nite and I have most of its trophies
Would love for a new one. ^_^

KwietStorm1919d ago

Ah Unreal Tournament. Back when I used to actually like Epic. What have you done for me lately?

Veni Vidi Vici1919d ago

It's fine to bring back UT but have a different dev team do it. Epic has lost their fastball.

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The story is too old to be commented.