Dead Space 3 Hands-On Preview (PSLS)

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go hands-on with the first four chapters of Dead Space 3, both in the singleplayer and the co-op campaigns, as well as sit down for a lengthy interview with Senior Producer David Woldman. In short, most people want to know if the game, with increasingly action based elements like human enemies with guns, rolling, and a cover system, still feels like Dead Space. I can safely say that in my experience, Dead Space 3 is definitely still a Dead Space game.

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TrendyGamers1944d ago

Reading all these previews is really getting me excited to play the demo today.

alexcosborn1944d ago

Agreed. Can't wait to check this one out!

Sev1944d ago

Looking forward to the follow up interview!

dbjj120881944d ago

Glad the action elements aren't taking away from the horror.

Root1944d ago

They are though, I've played the demo three/four times and there was hardly any horror moments

Ezz20131944d ago

yeah ..but let's hope that the game itself will have horror

Root1944d ago

Put it this way Ezz2013 if they really wanted to put peoples fears to rest they would of added the scariest part of the campaign as a demo....if this was it then no buy from me.

Lets not forget it's EA and the fact Capcom did the same thing to it's horror franchise and ruined it.

It's pretty clear that the game won't be horror based at all but a shadow of it's former self

Conzul1944d ago

Demos are traditionally to show the most *flashy* parts of the game. Even though it's supposed to be a horror game, action-heavy demos will sell more copies.

No surprise there.

Wedge191944d ago

This preview was based on the first four chapters (roughly three hours) of the game. I found that during this time there were plenty of horror elements and moments in the game. We played in dimly lit rooms, with headsets on for the audio that really got us into the experience. But horror elements aside, this is just a great and fun game with a very compelling story. Plus the fear of Hard Core mode... not being able to die? It will be constant tension.

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