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Ni No Kuni is a clean, wholesome, uncomplicated love letter to the golden age of Japanese RPGs, to a time when sprite-based adventures across sprawling world maps and epic dungeons held supreme. In a certain light, it's surprising to see the need for such a letter, but during nearing the end of the PlayStation 2, the traditional single-player JRPG fell out of favor. The global rise of MMORPGs, the advent of open-world Western RPGs and darker-themed JRPGs like Shin Megami Tensei, and the saturation of JRPGs themselves during the era led to a developmental shift, illustrated by the popular Final Fantasy series as it moved beyond Final Fantasy X to its more recent downfall with Final Fantasy XIV Online. The classic JRPG is in dire need of a revival, and Ni no Kuni is the phoenix down.

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TrendyGamers1914d ago

How many animal puns are there?

insertcoin1914d ago

How meow-ny do you need?

TrendyGamers1914d ago

As many as you dog-gone have.

Seraphemz1914d ago

Listen meow...this game is great!

dbjj120881914d ago

I have to wait until after work to play, but this just made it even harder to wait.

1914d ago
strigoi8141914d ago

I have my copy and excited to play this tonight after work..damn

Blastoise1914d ago

"The classic JRPG is in dire need of a revival, and Ni no Kuni is the phoenix down"

Nice line lol

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