Gamertag Radio Episode #367 - Exclusive Podcast Interview with Wrekonize of ¡Mayday!

This week on Gamertag Radio:

*Why Godfree is selling his PS Vita
*Wii U games for early 2013
*Exclusive Podcast Interview with Wrekonize of ¡Mayday!
*Review: Dont Starve (Steam)
*The return of True or False segment

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iamnsuperman1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Regards "Why Godfree is selling his PS Vita" I would wait for E3 before making the decision. Some big games are coming out this year (Killzone to name one example). You don't wan't to sell it then regret it when those dates are fully confirmed and if the PS4 is announce I predict increased functionality with it. I am expecting a lull in information between now and E3 because I see Gaikai being a huge thing for the Vita at E3

bicfitness1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Godfree is probably one of those spaz impulsers that buys>sells>buys a gaming machine like three or more times each gen. Just sit on it and see what develops, or you'll regret getting rid of it. Especially with stuff like Soul Sacrifice on the horizon. Sony haven't announced much for the Vita in 2013 and this is the year that they have to make it shine. Only a fool would think that the calendar year will be bare.

If by this time next year, there still isn't anything on the Vita horizon that piques your interest, sure go ahead and get rid of it. For me, I have a feeling that this is going to be the same JRPG powerhouse that the PSP was, and that's all that I need it to be.

God Eater 2, Soul Sacrifice, and about a dozen more JRPGs are in the pipeline and just waiting to be localized. Those are just the ones that we know about too.

Cam9771787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Final Fantasy complete sale on the Psn next week (EU)! Stock up!

chukamachine1787d ago

Oh you mean like 360 owners, buy the first machine, it breaks, buys another one, sells it for another one, buy's another 360 with hdmi.

He has probably kept his 3ds for Mario though.

SAND-MAN1787d ago

I would totally wait until E3 but then again maybe all the attention at E3 will be going towards the next PlayStation

iamnsuperman1787d ago

I think Gaikai will apply to both systems and is also a good way to bridge the conference between the Vita and the PS4 with talk about how it will interact with the PS4

NYC_Gamer1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Sony can't afford to just let PSV fade away in the sand by not having E3 announcements for the handheld

UltraVegito1787d ago

I agree,before anyone jump the gun on the Vita they should wait after destination playstation and E3 to blow over.

I see that unlikely,there will def be a good amount of coverage focused on the next playstation but i don't think they'll leave the Vita out cold with the current state it's in.At this point i think sony realizes that they need to take action with the Vita like nintendo did with the 3ds.
Well that's what i think anyways.

lfclee1787d ago

The 3Ds is much better why I know I have both !

jon12341787d ago

@lfclee a matter of opinion....

Snookies121787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

@lfclee - Yeah, I have both as well, and as great as the 3DS is, I'm sorry to say it's no Vita. As a whole, the Vita is probably my favorite console of all. All it needs are more quality games to come out for it. As a system, it's just wonderful.

metroid321787d ago

Get rid,Sony have failed in the Vita the 3ds has game after game Castlevania/Monster hunter 4/EX troopers ect ect.

zebramocha1787d ago

You do realize that the vita hasn't been on the market as long as the 3ds so there is a gap between okay games and excellent ones.

Blastoise1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

I'm all for Monster Hunter 4, but that Castlevania game on 3DS looks garbage.
There's no way you'd be bigging it up if it was a Vita exclusive

Snookies121787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

@zebramocha- What the hell? All those disagrees you got on a FACT? It HASN'T been out nearly as long as the 3DS has, how can people disagree with a fact? Wait... N4G, right... The site is great, but man the people...

Anon19741787d ago

"Why Godfree is selling his PS Vita."

Heroin is a helluva drug. It ain't cheap either.

TENTONGUN1787d ago

let him buy another and boost sales.

Kalowest1787d ago

That Killzone games looks terrible, Tearaway looks WAY BETTER.

Shikoro1787d ago

What? I know it's all down to preference, but saying that they look "terrible" is just waaaaay off base. I like what I saw of Tearaway, but Killzone is a lot more advanced technically and to me, it looks better.

jon12341787d ago

they havent even shown off enough of the game to even brand it terrible....

Veneno1787d ago

Killzone Mercenary looks just like console Killzone. Amazing. Even more so by the fact that the Vita can produce console quality graphics. Even 360 cant do Killzone graphics.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1787d ago

Why would you sell a something when you know will become even more valuable in the future?

I am a "Nintendo Fan-boy"

BUT EVEN i KNOW that the VITA is going to be important to future PS4 owners.

Whatever, have fun buying it again once the PS4 comes out.

It was the same way for the people who sold their Wii's before Zelda: Skyward Sword came out- they had to spend more money just to re-buy the system they had already owned.

(But in the end, it is just a gamble either way. I hope he made the right choice for himself.)

DragonKnight1787d ago

When I saw the title for this page the first thing that came to my mind was...

"Why I don't care. Story at 11."

Kurt Russell1787d ago

I sold a console once... didn't write an article.

ElectricKaibutsu1787d ago

I would never sell a system unless I bought a succeeding system that has backwards compatibility.

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LOGICWINS1787d ago

I would at least wait to see whats announced at Destination Playstation. But thats just me.

TronEOL1787d ago

That would be too logical.

metroid321787d ago

Lego city/smash bros and Monster hunter 4 on 3ds will be the end of Vita just my guess.

ElectricKaibutsu1787d ago

I don't know about Lego City. It looks cool for Wii U but I tend to not trust handheld games developed alongside console versions.

KrystofKage1787d ago

I don't care, said Pierre, I'm from France

LOGICWINS1787d ago

You took the time to follow a link and comment just to tell us that you don't care?

KrystofKage1787d ago

Following the link and typing that out took less than a minute. It takes longer to masturbate.

jon12341787d ago

i heard that line on south park

EddieNX 1787d ago

Don't worry vita fans , just vote down and move on.

It's the same monotonous console bashing as always...

strigoi8141787d ago

Im selling my vita....just to buy the red psvita..dont you love me haters???

WeAreLegion1787d ago

There's a red one?!? Selling mine to get it.

admiralvic1787d ago

Sarcasm aside, you have to admit the Soul Sacrifice Vita looks pretty awesome.

tubers1787d ago


Just don't look at the floor ;)