Dead Space 3 Preview "More Metroid Than Resident Evil" [GameRevolution]

GR: "Where to next?

"Of the nearly three hours I played of Dead Space 3 two weeks ago, the final 30 seconds were perhaps the most telling about the experience, due out on February 5th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Visceral Games is bringing Isaac Clarke back out of retirement for another run at the Markers and all of the trouble they've caused the universe.

"Despite the possibility of an entire galaxy redeemed from gruesome life after death, Isaac remains reluctant, and who can blame him? How many franchises make it through three games in six years and come out shining on the other side? Dead Space started as a linear, horror-focused title in 2008 and expanded to include more white-knuckle action as a means to break the tension in Dead Space 2.

"Thankfully, Dead Space 3 seems set to blow the air lock on everything you've seen the series do so far, expanding the amount of activity, interaction, and replayability you'll have with the universe and a cooperative partner. By the end of the demo, I saw Dead Space 3 as more Metroid than Resident Evil."

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TrendyGamers1915d ago

I'll be getting the demo later today, can't wait!

Sev1915d ago

Definitely, especially after seeing the comparison to Metroid.

Norrison1914d ago

I like how there's someone with 5 accounts disagreeing with everyone who says something positive about the game without even giving a counter-argument

Convas1914d ago

Carl Shocker, Root, and all his alternates are very probable culprits.

TekoIie1914d ago


... You just blew my mind!

Wedge191915d ago

Well written preview of the game. I'm amazed that a trilogy can continue to evolve so effectively without growing stale and still leave you wanting more.

dbjj120881915d ago

That's really a testament to the work Visceral has done cultivating the franchise over the years. All the other media, movies, books, etc and they still push the games forward.

crunchychocobo1915d ago

Yeah, say what you want, but I'm still too scared to play.

LOL_WUT1915d ago

More Metroid than Resident Evil? If they are referring to the old classic Resident Evil then :(

Wedge191915d ago

If you are talking about how action based this game is, then I can safely say that it is not like the new RE's. I attended this preview event as well and the game retains the classic Dead Space charm. It has not been Resident Evil-ed. If you are worried about it being too action based, then I really think that you don't have anything to worry about.

Son_Lee1915d ago

If it's Metroid in the sense of Metroidvania, then my excitement just went through the roof.

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