Orbital Strikes offer a fascinating glimpse into Dust 514′s future

GamesBeat: "For a few sparkling seconds, the grim sky flickered with an unnatural light. Lavender rays rained down from the heavens and crashed into the planet’s surface with a thunderous explosion. I crossed my fingers and hoped that I wiped out the opposing team. Alas, the blast caught only one person.

But it still looked pretty damn cool."

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Sadie21001947d ago

Every time I think about Dust and Eve, I think about orbital strikes. I bet that looks awesome in real-time, not scripted or pre-planned for a video.

HammadTheBeast1947d ago

Laser strikes from EvE wipe out any tank or vehicle in the game, and look amazing in game too.

SybaRat1947d ago

This whole Dust/EVE integration thing is so interesting.

mayberry1947d ago

Glad to see this title is now in open beta!